Getting Shitted On Can Be A Good Thing

when shit happens in your life,
you can go through a metamorphosis of sorts.
i have been feeling like that foxhole.
after being laid off,
and seeing who my real “friends” are,
i have been getting a new coat of thicker fur.
i mean,
i’ve been through this before,
but it’s tougher this era.
i’m out of “everything sucks” and in “taking myself to the next level” mode.
the fear i use to have isn’t like how it was years ago.
i’m giving myself a much deserved mental break after everything i been through.
one where i’m learning to just relax and not live in “panic” mode.

i was in the shower earlier and something came to me.
there are a couple reasons why things go to shit in our lives.

1) so you can be humbled tremendously
2) so you can do what your calling really is

there is also a third one that i’ll address down below…
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I Don’t Fit Into The Gay Life

there has been a lot of discussion within the foxhole lately.
it has been about relationships or the life in general.
the thing i love about the foxhole is how intelligently we debate.
i’ve been thinking about something that i’ve wanted an opinion on.
so everyone in the life talks about:

“you shouldn’t be following heterosexual norms”
“there should be no roles as far as dating”
“wolf? top? hybrid? what?”

but then my thing is
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You Can Come Out (The Rain Stopped)

115291-pink-mountainstoday was a better day.
well a step up from yesterday.
it could have happened because i called the ( x crossroad’s prayer line ).
i don’t know.

i went to sleep on the edge of emotions last night.
that debate had me feeling bad,
but all the shit i was going through kept circling my mind.
i felt doomed.
i felt like life was sonning me.
at work…
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