Someone Has Bailed From Auntie Viv’s “Black Magic”

this show is already getting messy.
so auntie viv didn’t know what she was getting herself into.
well it may have been her foot.
  jean-claude lamarre,
who happens to be gay and her business partner,
has left her.
i guess they weren’t on the same page with the “no gays allowed” thing.
this is what tmz has to say…
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So It’s “Fourth Harmony” Now?

…and i voted for them when they were on x factor too.
shame that fifth harmony is a quartet now.
camilla left,
but even tho i don’t really see “solo star” for her.
now i’d like to normani go solo.

she seems to be the fan favorite.
too bad basic is “in” or we’d get some black girl solo magic.
i know her debut album would be a good one.
i wish camilla well tho.

lowkey: i hope camilla knows she has to bring it.

You Ought To Be Thanking (Mi)

last night,
i decided to clean my room.
i actually woke up out my sleep to do it.
very random.
my room was a hot ass mess.
everything was all over the place.
that seemed to be the theme of my current life.


i folded all the clothes in the big ass bag of laundry to my left.
i also organized and put stuff away to my right.
as i did it,
i felt the energy freeing up in my space.
it made me feel calm.
it was a rough week and i could hardly focus.
at about 6am,
i was awakened to this loud banging on my bedroom door
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