Lee Daniels Got Dragged To A “Misquote”

opinions change after a much needed dragging.
so remember ( x all that nonsense ) lee daniels was talking?
well he changed his tune.
it was a little flat.
he was apparently “misquoted”.
at the tca (television critics association),
he said this via the hollywood reporter
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Black TV Needs To Make White People Comfortable

has lee daniels gone mad?
i am being serious.
he has said some questionable shit in the past,
but i can’t with this statement he made about his new show “star”.
this is what he told ebony magazine
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Lee Daniels Thinks We Need A Snow Bunny To Heal The Country

lee-danielsso i stopped watched “empire”.
i tried to get back into it,
but even aun-T and andre’s tail couldn’t lure me back.
maybe i’ll binge it in the future,
but as of right now,
they need to get their writing together before i watch that again.
so lee daniels has another show coming out by the name of “star”.
he decided to cast a snow bunny because… via the wrap
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So Lets Trai For Another Show?

tumblr_nvrk42H4HI1uq9rg8o1_500as you know from my writing,
i’ve been complaining real heavy about empire’s second season.
almost everything is wrong.
a lot of people i know are slowly jumpin’ ship.
well it seems andre lyon,
aka trai byers,
wants out of empire.
according to page six
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