DL Lakers Baller Wolf Dribbles His Balls Down His Back Court?

tumblr_lwflmylIJo1qcmnsoo1_500ya know,
i am fiending hard body for “a big breakfast” from mcdonalds.
anyway so one of my f-bi sent me something that i had to post before walking out the door.
allegedly its a dl nba baller wolf who plays for the lakers,
sliding in and out of some good wet cal state dl pre baller foxhole.
you already know its nsfw,
and “for straight eyes only”
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So… He Doesn’t Like The Feel of Condoms Apparently?

tumblr_m0w6h8j1JZ1qzddo2o1_500dwight howard likes to fuck.
i’m being honest.
well he welcomes his 7th (or so) random baby with girlfriend christine vest.
royce from bbw broke the news since she didn’t know.
urbanbelle is about to fill you in…

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What Do You Get The Vixen Who Wears Your Balls As Earrings?

kobe-bryant-2008-dt-magazine-coveras you know i love the bryants.
kobe is okay,
natalia diamante and gianna maria-onore are beautiful,
but i really love conchita.
conchita is vanessa bryant:

vanessa-bryantthe real basketball wife.
she also keeps kobe’s balls in her purse.
he decided to do something special for her birthday on may 5th

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Conchita Is Taking Care of Home and Signing Checks… Get It Right!

ever since vanessa bryant got this instagram,
she is replying to everything.

she was tired of playing the silent act.
i liked the mystery myself.
drake had a lyric on his song in reference to her.
“you wasn’t shooting with me in the gym”.
pissed her all the way off.
so, she replied…

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Conchita Is Mad That Kobe Is Getting Caught Pipin’ Dese Hoes!

i love conchita.
she knows kobe is sloppy, so she is on her “fuck it“.
she just collecting those checks and keeping kobe’s balls in her clutch.
but check out why she is tite that kobe is getting caught…

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