Andrew Caldwell Has 3 Million Woes Right Now

he may need to delivert that money.
either brown paper bag or suitcase.
it seems andrew caldwell got served a big one for 2017.
so kordell stewart,
ex husband of “rhoa” porsha williams,
was suing him for insinuating they were a “thing”.
well kordell won the case,
but guess how much andrew gotta come up out his “very rich” wallet?
check out what an f-bi sent via the grio
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Kordell Stewart Has Some More Leakage For Review?

i guess whoever has that vixen’s phone is on an uploading spree.
they are leaking all of kordell stewart’s alleged good stuff.
so here is another alleged shot from the:

kordell stewart alleged “tooted ‘n’ booted” files

it’s a tail shot.
you may/may not have to leave the room to view it…
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Kordell Stewart Get Some Alleged Pipe and Tail Leakage?

 /this entry contains explicit content.
view discretion is advised. is his book title irony?
so allegedly,
kordell stewart has some dick leakage today.
apparently it happened by an ex of his.
these are the pipe leakage that was sent in to funky dineva
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