Kim Kardashian Starts Her Comeback… With An Alleged Affair?

we legit haven’t seen kim kardashian since that robbery in paris.
i’m starting to think it was real.
you know she couldn’t go into hiding for too long before all that happened.
there has been way too many opportunities for her to show face.


well it seems she is allegedly occupied.
not with her husband tho.
word in the forest is she is having an affair.
with a baller wolf.
well according to terez owens
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Kim Kardashian Will Take Your Ass To Court For Calling Her a Liar

tumblr_nzuezgcoe41teyhv4o5_500of all the things that have been said about kim kardashian,
she sues mto?
that’s “media take out”.
i think she is the only celebrity who ever sued them.
don’t quote me.
here is why our kim k is taking the website to court via cnn
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Liar! Liar! Your Robbery Story Could Douse Your Career on Fire!

enhanced-buzz-1142-1367424408-19kim kardashian cried when her sex tape was leaked,
was a mess when she divorced kris humphries,
but was calm and collected after allegedly getting robbed.
well a video has been leaked.
not another sex tape.
a video of the french police in the apartment right after this alleged robbery.
you know the one where she was tied up,
screamed frantically for help,
nearly jumped from a balcony like wonder woman,

and feared rape?
that one.
well radar online has the video and well…
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The Great Kardashian Jewelry Heist: Season 10; Episode One

tumblr_oehuvyylfw1ud22g2o1_1280so i’m sure you’ve heard.
it’s all over social media,
the news,
and the water cooler.

kim kardashian

9 million dollars in jewelry stolen
hog tied with an apple stuffed in her mouth

the last part i exaggerated,
but imagine…
anyway if you want more background,
then you need to google.
or ask a friend at happy hour.
i’m going to give my thoughts to the foxhole.
so here goes…
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