Kim Burrell Gets A Restraining Order By…

^this male.
and delivert from andrew caldwell.
well andrew ain’t playing in these forests no mo.
he out here bringing folks to court.
he is setting an example with kim burrell first.
you know she called him out in that sermon.
well here are all the restraining order documents he filed from st. louis…
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It’s Cold Right Now For Kim Burrell

…as she watches from outside.
kim burrell is still getting dragged.
her comment sections on social media are armageddon.
well she suffered another loss as “a gospel trailblazer”.
she got dropped to perform at the bmi gospel music event.
billboard says…
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When A Gospel Great Lends Her Scalp For A Dragging

gospel great,
shirley ceasar,
gained some popularity with her thanksgiving memes.
now tho…
she is on the way too being banished.
so she defend kim burrell for her recent statements on gays.
at a sermon at first baptist church of glenarden in maryland,
shirley had this to say…
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Janelle Monae Has Something To Say To Kim Burrell

so kim burrell really got more dragging coming her way.
janelle monae joined in to pull at her scalp.
who has a song with kim burrell for the “hidden figures” soundtrack,
had something to say in regards to kim’s “foot in her mouth”.
janelle wrote a status to cosign pharrell on her instagram…
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“Kim Burrell Thinks You’re Going To Hell” (and Other Connotations)

star fox (rip) was a huge fan of kim burrell.
it seems a lot of church folks love(d) her.
i never listened to her,
but i remember how highly he always spoke about her.
i feel an “a-ha” moment in this somewhere.
well she has changed the opinions of many recently.
what she do?
she bashed the members of many foxholes far and wide.
someone in her congregation decided to film it on facebook live.
this is what she said in her sermon
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