Chris Brown Has A Emmy in “Best Dramatic Dragging on Social Media”

tick tock…
the “chris brown drama” just don’t stop.
i guess trey songz couldn’t have that spotlight for too long.
so you know how i wrote about chris brown vs soulja boy over karrueche.
well karrueche had something to say to chris and via baller alert
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Karrueche Has Friends In High and Low Places

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 10.52.59 PMwell we all know that karrueche is a popular vixen in the la streets.
i’m sure she ended up meeting a lot of people through her ex.
well it seems like she,
and her gay bestest j ryan,
met up with someone i mentioned just a few days ago.
guess who?…
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All The Hardcore Thugs Go To Chris Brown Concerts

FullSizeRender1“dem bullets ain’t loyal”?…
so if anyone of the foxhole is headed to chris brown’s new tour,

you will probably get a sexy thug wolf in the crowd.
oh you didn’t hear?
all the riff raff go to r&b/pop concerts nowadays.
well they all showed up last night to shoot up a chris brown concert.
baller alert got some video of the ratchetness…
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The Biege Break Up Ballad of Karrueche and Chris Brown

beigeballadso chris brown and karreuche have been breakng up…
for the last few days.
there has been a couple twitter outbursts.
he did ( x this ) at the cali christmas concert the other night.
she writes something and he follows up.
its been very…
well tonight she wrote a nice piece on instagram that iyanla would love…
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