Jarrett Jenkins Always Awakens “Ratchet Jamari”

the following entry was written by “ratchet jamari”.
please forgive me.
so i feel like…
jarrett jenkins is in the winning to being ’17 “wolf of the year” for me.
him and his prison bawdy make me feel…
i’ll be frank with the foxhole.
in a perfect world,
after he gets a thoro testing and checks out clean as a whistle…
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Jarrett Jenkins (Night)

that’s when all the fun happens.
we encounter more adventures during that time.
you’re either partying or fucking.
well jarrett jenkins aka mr gbsb (get big stay big),
in my head,
is a vast difference than king jemes (day).
jarrett isn’t a personal trainer wolf.
in fact,
his day job is doing some kind of construction.
he just runs in king jemes wolf pack.
the way he looks tho…
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