Nick Cannon Is Heavy Cosigning Amber Rose Life

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amber rose is what you would call…
my spirit animal.
i love her dearly.
welp she is on the way to being divorced and back on the prowl heavy.
while wiz khalifia is reborn again with ( x purple hair ),
amber found something in a hopeful place to another newly divorcee,
nick cannon.
so much so,
he is now her manager.
he also had this to say about her life…
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jamari fox is a nobody

t8UebS96pD5Zj4XOGlvj4RCkuA2W6_BD3Wl_1iDDoCssxC7OKcjNeTpByAG-g-sfehDTeHWRWQtdpQMOd22CJ74mhEgUVUHMtge5lyzdAl-LNw-AWhMXkfI24I5Y1b1DLHtFCvbYSb9W3pzqxdSYlRV0t08=s0-d-e1-ftin the gold digga era,
there will be more than a few set backs.
you will have more than a few naysayers as well.
people who will try their best to bring you down.
without these issues,
it wouldn’t give you the opportunity to prove yourself.
go from “nobody” to “somebody”.
it takes being brought down into the fire for you to rise up out of it.
show you the life you deserve.
well i’m in hell at this job and it’s really hot…
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MEAT: (500)

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 1.16.07 PM500 entries of good meat.

take it all in.
so you know i love hoodsworld.
he keeps me up to date with all the premium (pre) baller wolf meat.
well i discovered james johnson,
a ex pre-baller wolf/now herba life trainer from seattle, washington.
they have black wolves over there?
anyway check out james in all his glory…

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