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tumblr_lz9fkcClfY1qbrjfso1_500brag so hard with ^that piece of paper.
so last night i did something stupid.

it actually lead to me having a really good conversation.
one that i’m still thinking about.
last week was “gone girl”.
this week is “late night conversations”.
i wanted to share with the foxhole…



*sighs* Imma make this short….

Okay so about a year and a half ago I meet this guy off of a social media website and we instantly became friends. He lives in VA and I live in ATL and It’s like we clicked on so many different levels and would talk almost everyday. We called each other brothers and would share our things that happened in our daily lives, work, friends, family, and even our sex business and the dudes we were dealing with. I’m going to be honest, he is kinda “loose” and gets around alot with niggas he meets on Jack’d, Twitter, and even FB but he was such a good friend and we always laugh and have alot in common that I never judged him (who am I to judge) and didnt matter because I was so happy to have finally found a friend that I felt that I could talk to about being bi without being judge and vice verse without any obligations for sex.

Well I was wrong. A couple of months ago, I get a text from this friend telling me that he appreciates the fact that I’m always here to listen to him and give him advice, something that he can’t find with all of these niggas that he fucks and that he really feels a connection to me. At first I thought that he was just saying that he likes me as a friend and that I feel like family to him but then he text me on some shit like “Yo, you might hate me for saying this but if I came to ATL, I would beat dat shit outta da frame til you can’t take dat shyt no more”…

Now I ain’t gon lie, that text would be cool if it was another nigga that I was talking to but coming from him it just felt idk “awkward” b/c I never even looked at him in that way. Yeah he sexy, got a nice complexion, teeth, tattoos, nice body and about 6’2 but I just see him as a brother and that from that day forth he been sending me overly-sexual text messages and every time we talk on the phone it always turns into him talking bout that he wanna come see me and that he wanna fuck.

I know that you and your readers might think im crazy for even second guessing this shit and questioning it but I’m just starting to feel like this nigga don’t got an ounce of respect for me. I thought what me and him had was special and that we had a bond like family, but the fact that he texting me all the same shit he text other niggas that he fucks and forgets rubs me the wrong way like “damn nigga I thought you just seem me as a friend and keep that shit to yaself man. I told him that shit is kinda making me feel uncomfortable and to stop but i guess it just goes in one ear and out the other.

When I try to change the convo he just finds his way back to some sex shit and it’s really starting to turn me off from even wanting to talk to him honestly.

So my question is:

1) What do you think I should do, cut him off or take some space?

2) Why do you think that it is so hard to find friends in this lifestyle that actually just like you as a friend and not a potential fuck buddy when they done dealing with other niggas?



tumblr_ksa4p61pe91qa3y9vo1_500_large2you ever met someone who can’t sit the fuck down?
like, they always have to be everywhere.
they’re never alone because they serial date,
or go through friends like toilet paper.
well meet the extrovert.
i know you met that person who is extremely quiet.
super duper shy and it may take a lot to get their out their shell.
they usually keep to themselves and mind their business.
well hello there introvert.
most of the big time celebs are usually introverted.
jay z,
angelina jolie,
johnny depp,
and julia roberts.
they open up when it’s for work or whatever.
other than that,
they are extremely private and like it like that.
breezy wolf,
evelyn lozada,
kim kardashian,
and charlie sheen are extroverts.
extroverts don’t think before they do something.
they also need people to help them recharge.
if you pay close attention online,
you can tell who is who.
it’s really not that hard once you read twitter timelines or see instagram photos.
so i had to ask…

Which one are you?