Jayceon Taylor Got Eggplant and a Bigger Wolf Tail?

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 7.15.54 PMso the f-bi sent me this shot of foxhole fav,
jayceon taylor.

when did he get this stacked?
squats much?
i also saw this one on tumblr…
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Tibo Norman Shoots Steven Beck

12189205_949000931803514_4546414180305405557_oi need to start visiting the facebook foxhole more often.
they stay lit over there.
okayyyyyyyyyyy so…
i was speaking to tibo norman,
a lover of my foxhole and a great eye for all things photography.
he is a photographer in paris who owns:

  “tibo norman photography”

as you can see above,
he took pictures of the foxhole fav,
steven beck.
well he has another picture he wanted to share with the foxhole…
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The Gym Got This Attentionisto An Arrest Record

article-gym-1-0429some of these attentionitos ain’t shit.
they will neglect their loves ones to cheat with their main hoe.
the main hoe name is “gym”.

“where you at?”
“in the gym.”

“who is that in the background?”
“at the gym.”

“where are you going at 3am?”
“to see the gym.”

these attentionistos/nistas obsessed with the gym nowadays.
if they could sleep and eat there,
they would sleep on a treadmill and pay rent.
well this one gym attentionisto,
by the name of solomn allen,
left his cub in the car to go train a client.
the cub was 18 months old.
check this story sent in by the f-bi via daily mail
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Dwayne McKell Has More Leakage For Our Review

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.56.10 PMso the foxhole has been on the move since the last entry.
we have new foxhole lurkers as well.
*waves to the forest dwellers*
it seems like dwayne mckell has been a busy wolf.
i thought he was trying to be a rapper,
but clearly doing “dick 4 dollahs” has been his hustle.
he has this connectpal situation where he charges animals for nudes.
i thought the first video from the last entry was okay,
but clearly you all thought differently.
it’s bad when karaoke watches it and says:

LOLwell i was sent in a few more videos of dwayne for your review.
this is:


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