iMan Shumpert’s Body Picks Up Much Better

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 12.07.55 AMi like to think iman shumpert‘s face doesn’t “pick up good” in photos.
that’s not a bad thing!
in person,
he is actually really attractive.
i saw him when he first got signed to the knicks in ’11.
i didn’t know who he was,
but he was cute from where i was standing.
well teyana taylor,
his socialite girlfriend and part time singer,
put up this picture allegedly on “eggplant friday” and well…
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Is Our Little August “September”Alsina Dating?

tumblr_n3dtdzWfRL1qgfdy4o1_1280so you know i love august alsina?
my ratchet wolf who can carry a tune.
well he seems to be dating someone now.
i already know who you THINK it is,
but ima need you to have some manners!
no its not THAT person he fell out with.
anyway this vixen put this up and it has the forest talking
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The Jackal Who Is Sorry For Giving Out HIV (He Sorry Ya’ll)

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 7.48.39 PMeveryone remember this face.
so this jackal,
who we will call “hazmat”,
was out here giving out hiv like it was candy.
the way he announced it to the world tho is absolutely despicable.
one of my fbi sent me this story and i’m at a loss for words.
look at what hazmat posted on his now deleted instagram

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Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 11.52.21 PMyou know the f-bi is always on it.
so remember this wolf from ( x the last entry ).
well his name is mike rose and he is from new yawk.
do you want to see more?
well i’m gong to show you….
(btw: this entry is about to be ALL THE WAY RATCHET.
you already know the rules when this happens)
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Blasted All Over The Him (Did it Feel Good?)

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.34.22 PMso one of my faithfuls alerted me to a messy situation today.
everyone meet clinten.
he is the cutie in the picture above.
he was dating a wolf that he debuted on IG a few days ago.
he put up a picture of them as a couple.

“he accepts me for who i am” - he said.

well afterwards all hell broke loose.
come to find out,
the wolf was also accepting a few others as well.
so what did clinten do?
oh you already guessed…
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Amber Rose Got All The Baller Wolves Pipe’s Hard

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 7.44.38 PM…i can only guess why.
^that picture represents the words: thirst trap.
so amber rose is a hot milf and my default spirit animal.
she is also a hot single milf.
well kinda single.
allegedly she is/was riding nick’s cannon.
she put up these pictures last weekend and listen…
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Jordan Calloway Is Next Up In The “Look At God” Collection

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 6.52.50 PM…and god just gave me a molly because i’m sweating.
jordan calloway is everything right with the world.
look at some other shots foto119 did…
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