Ruby Rose Got All The Girls Checking Another Box

628-Ruby-Rose-April-2014-Instagramso ruby rose has been the talk of all straight vixens.
ever since she appeared on “orange is the new black” as “stella”,
her stock has definitely risen.
she is the type to make a girl consider eatin the box.
hell she had me considering eatin the box as well.
well newly single and drama free,
posted this on insatgram about ruby…
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The Tyga Lickin’ My Kitty Kat?

brody-jennerwell its safe to say that brody jenner doesn’t approve.
maybe he does.
so what he does/doesn’t approve of?
his under-aged sister kylie and her alleged relations with a grown ass tyga.
how do we know?
he posted a very strange picture on his instagram that had the forests talking…
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Drake’s Milkshake Brought Justin Bieber Out or Nah?

11378782_962099853821149_1721007285_ndrake has been doing some serious thirst trappin’ these days.
am i mad?
well these thirst traps been bringing all the vixens and foxes to his yard.
even a celebrity too.
allegedly justin bieber made a comment as well.
he allegedly posted this
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Tyson Beckford Responds To Christopher In The Simplest Ways

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 10.18.04 PMdon’t let all that pretty seasoned meat fool ya.
tyson beckford decided to respond to christopher’s threats on instgram.
if they decide to run up on him this weekend…
well this is a reminder
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Karrueche Has Friends In High and Low Places

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 10.52.59 PMwell we all know that karrueche is a popular vixen in the la streets.
i’m sure she ended up meeting a lot of people through her ex.
well it seems like she,
and her gay bestest j ryan,
met up with someone i mentioned just a few days ago.
guess who?…
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