Tpindell Has A Face? (Oh, I Didn’t Notice)

a28e5a593a446a21c60bc492432a5215who really has time to notice when he does ^this?
so i like tpindell.
if you don’t know who he is,
he happens to be a hilarious youtuber.
you have to check out his stuff.
well aside from being funny,
and charming,
he also works hard on his wolf like bawdy.
i mean look at this…
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When Making Fun Of Sandra Bland Goes Wrong For Your Life

tumblr_nrytuikUWX1rwqtdyo1_1280i wonder if the whites ever see situations like this and say:

i hope that person ain’t white…”

…like the blacks do when we already have that “feeling” about our people.
i love foolishness.

i also love when the jackals of the world get exposed for their foolishness.
we gonna get into ^that shortly.
so i know you heard about sandra bland.
ok you haven’t.

well here is a quick refresher...
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You Will NOT Talk Bad About Caitlyn Jenner or You’ll Be Censored

CAITLYN_JENNER-NYC-PRIDE-618what caitlyn jenner wants…
well you know the rest.
so you know how she made her appearance at the espys and blah blah blah?
well instagram and twitter decided to censor what everyone had to say.
so chances are if you were talkin’ shit then no one saw it.
the daily mail had this to say…
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Feddymoe: The Wolf With The Dark Chocolate Fur

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 10.20.21 PMwhile the other foxes run towards the lighter flavors,
jamari fox loves him a chocolate stick.
i mean i’ll talk to anyone,
but nothing says “rip my clothes off” more than a dark wolf.
that and a “smash you delirious” body.
everyone meet all 5’11 dark chocolate wolf goodness that is feddymoe.
he is a military wolf from san diego who likes to work out.
i mean look at this…
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Its A Good Week To Be An Attentionisto

64659-Stay-True-In-The-Dark-And-Humble-In-The-Spotlightthe life of an attentionisto/istas  is a hard one.
no seriously.
they want the attention on their social media accounts,
but then they want to regulate the type of attention they get.
the “straight” attentions don’t want the gays to comment,
but they still want those gay likes.
i think they need to cut us a check for support we give their bodies.
the vixens want to be taken seriously for their brains,
but they still want to be half naked,
showing ass
and in the gym in a full face.
as soon as a baller wolf slides in them dms,
this chick is in the “don’t pull out” position.

tumblr_nq8z7395Bn1s69d29o1_1280at this point i’m thinking all of them are buffoons.
here is the thing…
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B Scott Feels Personally Victimized By Jason Lee

Screen-Shot-2013-07-25-at-3.55.36-PM1there is a ton of shit going on today.
so lets get into it.
so when b scott posted the “tyga scandal”,
he also opened himself up to his own can of worms.
everyone meet jason lee
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Miguel Attempts To Calm The Rough Seas

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 7.49.49 PMso miguel got caught up in tidal wave filled with angry frank ocean stans.
either that or he read my entry yesterday.
( x that interview ) he had i’m sure opened the floodgates.
either way,
he wanted to clear the air with an instagram statement on what he meant…
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