Baby D’Angelo Is Confused By His Foxhole Entry

screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-10-02-06-pmoh my god…
i love when the foxhole gets a shout out from whoever i post.
you just never know who is lurking in the forest.
well baby d’angelo aka kiaree elijah daniels is another.
remember i wrote about him ( x here )?
well baby d’angelo saw the entry and well…
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Sade’s Son Welcomes A Mustache Into The World

sade4-600x450so that is sade’s daughter on the right.
sade is now welcoming a son into the world.
well sade’s daughter on the right is now her son.
mickailia “ila” adu has transitioned into a wolf.
this is him with a mustache
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Milan Christopher Serves Cake At His Activist Rallies

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-1-35-43-pmmilan christopher is an activist.
well i didn’t say it.
he did.

i don’t know if it’s for gay lives,
victims of domestic abuse,
or activ-ating relevancy on the shade room,
but he has activist in his bio:


well milan posted a picture from his recent shoot with paper magazine.
of course,
he is showing off his best feature…
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Brody Jenner Gets Dragged Right To “Informed” and “Awareness”

tumblr_n9p908uqhq1rnfb9bo1_500it’s always a humbling experience once you are dragged.
do remember last week’s drama with brody jenner?
when he agreed with someone speaking vile shit about keith lamont scott?
( x refresh your mental harddrive )
well brody jenner got humbled in the worst way.
he was dragged so hard,
he went to learn more about “black lives matter”.
this is what he posted on his instagram
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