Tyson Beckford Responds To Christopher In The Simplest Ways

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 10.18.04 PMdon’t let all that pretty seasoned meat fool ya.
tyson beckford decided to respond to christopher’s threats on instgram.
if they decide to run up on him this weekend…
well this is a reminder
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Karrueche Has Friends In High and Low Places

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 10.52.59 PMwell we all know that karrueche is a popular vixen in the la streets.
i’m sure she ended up meeting a lot of people through her ex.
well it seems like she,
and her gay bestest j ryan,
met up with someone i mentioned just a few days ago.
guess who?…
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MEAT: (640)

tumblr_nmlytyVw9B1qjl96uo1_500i’m not even gonna front.
my wolf is going to get exploited for my personal pleasure.
like i want him to just take his clothes off just because.

“i just want to look at you”

i mean why spend all that time in the gym if i can’t play with you?
well whoever is behind the camera of these shots…
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How To Get Caught Up On The Gram

instagramIcon_400x400this isn’t really a “public foxhole” announcement,
but moreso a “you could get that ass caught up” reminder.
moreso for the d/l and some discreet foxholers.
so you know how you be on the gram right?
you be liking random dudes pics ‘n’ adding friends ‘n’ shit.
well you that your followers can see that?
well this is how “the shade room” caught “empire”s lee daniels the other day.
he was on a liking frenzy and well…
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Lil Fizz Will Eat The Whole Ass

tumblr_nj09g8Xx5L1tddm3vo1_540well he certainly has the mouth for it.
well it seems lil fizz,
of b2k and “love and hiphop: hollywood” fame,
is another wolf who wants amber rose.
i guess her thirst trap pictures are working?
well this is what he allegedly said on instagram about her…
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“Get Outed With Chris Smith”: His New Workout Plan?

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 7.28.36 PMso there maybe something to these attentionistos after all…
so everyone meet chris smith.
he is pretty fine and i think i’ve featured him before.
well mto decided to out chris “outside of instagram” relations today.
it seems like he was allegedly messing around with a
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