My Mirror Tells Me That I’m Ugly

tumblr_n3uq44sHXb1r62zwpo2_r1_500i have a couple questions and there are not meant to be insulting.
okay ready?
here goes…
have you ever looked in the mirror and thought you were “ugly”?
have you looked in the mirror and one flaw meant the end of the world?
and have you ever compared yourself to other people?
its okay.
you don’t need to feel embarrassed.
i’m not going to judge you.
its just me and you.
trust a lot of us have felt that way once or twice in our lives.
many people no matter how:

how much money they have
getting good pussy/ass/pipe on the regular

…feel that way every single day.
well you may suffer from “body dysmorphic disorder” and not even realize it.
i’ll tell you what that is…
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Face Off At The Tyra School of Smize: Keith Carlos vs Tyson Beckford?

tyvskeithcalm down wolves!
foxi j hasn’t had his breakfast yet.
okay so if you didn’t know,
tyson beckford and keith carlos were born on the same day.
that day being today.
dec 19th.
keith has always acknowledged that he and ty ty were birthday twins.
well when keith went to go wish tyson a happy birthday today,
i guess he got this
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I Want To Look Like Kim Kardashian So I Can Get Good Black Dack

Kim-Kardashian-Bra-Sizeif i looked like kim kardashian,
pre cat face,
i would probably be riding some dack right now.
probably serfboartin’ a sexy attentionisto/hood star.
i’d have no kids,
my bills would be paid,
and i’d have 100k followers on my social media accounts.
i would have a legit job and be a “model” of some sort on the side.
i’d have 2,000 unanswered texts.
all wolves fiending for a taste of my sweet tight waterfall pussy.

aaahhh life would be sweet!
well apparently that was the thought of jordan james parke.
he dropped 150k just to look like kim.
this is the results…
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I Wouldn’t Mind Seeing Saury With A Calendar

tumblr_mlks856X2O1r7993do1_500this is one of my favorite dominican wolves.
i’ve mentioned saury valerio before.
foxholer lin actually found his name for us.
thanks lin.
well i think saury is sexy as hell.
personally speaking.
i think i’d like to see him put together a calendar.
why you ask?…
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So Drake Helps Fan Who Was Contemplating Suicide?

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 3.54.12 PMhow funny…
i started typing this and k michelle’s “drake would love me” came on.
i believe drake has a good heart.
you can tell he was raised good.
one of his fans posted a heartfelt comment about how they wanted to give up.
this is what he allegedly said…
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So Yung Berg Likes Alleged “Dark Butts” After All or Nah?

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.04.43 PMyung berg takes weird pictures on instagram.
thats just a side bar.
his “i don’t like dark butts” foolishness may come back to bite him.
…right in his ass.
or someone else ass?
who knows anymore.
so an f-bi sent me the alleged teenager he was with…
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The Biege Break Up Ballad of Karrueche and Chris Brown

beigeballadso chris brown and karreuche have been breakng up…
for the last few days.
there has been a couple twitter outbursts.
he did ( x this ) at the cali christmas concert the other night.
she writes something and he follows up.
its been very…
well tonight she wrote a nice piece on instagram that iyanla would love…
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