Trey Songz Woke Up And Claps Back for Black Lives

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-8-14-12-pmtrey songz is sexy.
he is physically sexy,
but he is also very “woke sexy”.
nothing sexier than a woke wolf.
whenever black (any) issues arise,
trey always takes to his social media to voice his concerns.
with the latest senseless kiling of yet another black wolf,
trey took to his social media with the quickness.
he also called out ( x shaq ) and ( x ray lewis ) for their ignorance on his ig like so…
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Al B Sure Leaks His Own Leakage

mi0001369056i don’t know much about al b sure besides;

being one of first light skins pioneers in r&b
quincy is a good copy of his daddy

well a vix-bi sent me al b sure leaking his own leakage.
the place?
of course…
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Your Hunger For Penis Has You Looking OD In These Streets

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 3.37.47 PMsome of the forest dwellers are doing it again.
some have been hounding chadoy leon real heavy.
he put on snapchat along the lines of disrespectful emails in his inbox.
he does the whole “personal training” thing,
but it seems some are fiending for his “sexual services”.
he did say in a message he put up about it:

“no disrespect to the gays”

…so i guess that’s a good start on his alleged “homophobia”.
the arrogant wolf,
“young baggy” aka “baggy large” said…
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Chris Brown Will Be Home In Time For Dinner

tumblr_oc1b0eiTqQ1u2r94mo1_1280chris brown is finally out.
out of jail,
that is.
it appears that snow bunny who accused him of:

you get vexed,
and start swingin everywhere

me shifty?
now you wanna pistol whip me

pull out your nine,
while i cock on mine

yeah what pineapple?
i ain’t got time for this

so what pineapple?
i’m not tryin to hear that shit…”

…was allegedly lying.
he posted this on his ig…
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