Check Who Is Getting A Yam Pounding By Idris Elba

so i didn’t win.
*sad face*

i had to let the foxhole know.
idris elba did not get the chance to pound my yams.
well you guys have been wondering who won the “win a date with idris elba/pound his yams” contest through omaze.
( x see it here )
i’ve gotten a ton of emails asking about it.
check who won the contest…
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Idris Elba Wants The “Pounding Of His Yams” To Be Perfect

every time i see that “pounding of the yams” thing,
i laugh and get a bit turned on.
i’ll save my ratchetness for another time.
so valentine’s day is about a week away.

Who is going on that Valentine’s date with Idris Elba?

this is for my vixens.
i don’t think this one is “foxhole friendly”
…or could it?
idris has teamed up with omaze for a night you may never forget.
( x see that entry here )
well since idris wants this date to be perfect,
he has teamed up with advisors to make sure everything goes smooth.
check out this video of what they spoke about…
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You Can Have Idris Elba Without Sliding In His DMs

this maybe for “vixens only”,
but whenever big money is involved,
it may just change.
so ^that could be idris elba getting ready for a date with you.
it is definitely not a joke.
idris is auctioning himself off as a “date” for valentine’s day.
it’s still not a joke.
check out the ad for this date…
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Idris Elba Is Who You Call When You Want That Thang Beat Up

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 7.11.26 PMidris elba is in the fight of his life.
the fight?

To not have to try to hard to get my the drawz

well who knew idris is a part time boxer?
so much so,
he has a fight coming up.
he posted his progress through a selfie on his ig and well…
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Idris Elba Will Bang Anyone

tumblr_m69nenZACd1qbom0uo1_1280you’ll be surprised what wolf would date you.
sometimes what they say they want isn’t what they end up with.
this is how i felt when k michelle admitted today she was dating idris elba.
8 months!
i was personally trying to figure out how she got him to direct that vh-1 special.
well it was time for her to cum clean.
she spilled all the beans on the breakfast club this morning…
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