So This Is The Reason To Watch Drumline 2? (Jordan Calloway)

tumblr_ne54mdJWz51qbj5iio1_1280…*looks for remote*
so i didn’t even know “drumline 2″ came on yesterday.

judging from the stellar reviews,
it was a hit!
from what the forests been saying,
everyone is talking about one of the actors by the name of jordan calloway.
well i can see why…
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Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 10.54.58 PMgod.

please bring a man this handsome into my life.
i want to lay in his arms until i fall asleep.
i know that when i wake up,
his handsome face and gorgeous smile will be there in the morning.
oh and make sure he is everything i am looking for and desire.
i don’t want no ragga muffins underneath my clean sheets.
you know i don’t play that stupidness.
thank you for all your blessings you have already provided for me!
in your son’s name…