Tpindell Has A Face? (Oh, I Didn’t Notice)

a28e5a593a446a21c60bc492432a5215who really has time to notice when he does ^this?
so i like tpindell.
if you don’t know who he is,
he happens to be a hilarious youtuber.
you have to check out his stuff.
well aside from being funny,
and charming,
he also works hard on his wolf like bawdy.
i mean look at this…
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Bk Brandon Looks Like A Work Out

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 9.33.18 PMjesus almighty…
look at what god can do!

so everyone knows bk brandon is my favorite trainer wolf.
he is one of them,
but you get the drift.
since i am looking for a trainer wolf,
i’d def hire bk brandon to whip me into shape.
i don’t want to be his size tho.
he is a mountain of pure meat.
not that “his size” is a bad thing…
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Feddymoe: The Wolf With The Dark Chocolate Fur

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 10.20.21 PMwhile the other foxes run towards the lighter flavors,
jamari fox loves him a chocolate stick.
i mean i’ll talk to anyone,
but nothing says “rip my clothes off” more than a dark wolf.
that and a “smash you delirious” body.
everyone meet all 5’11 dark chocolate wolf goodness that is feddymoe.
he is a military wolf from san diego who likes to work out.
i mean look at this…
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Suraqah is Vintage Attentionisto Penis

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 10.29.30 PMi see why he is calling himself “king” nowadays.
suraqah is what you call “vintage penis”.
he has a a little attentionisto in him tho.
its okay.
i won’t complain.
those pecs of his make up for it.

suraqah has been in these online streets for a while now.
he went from “model” to “fireman”.
imagine this showing up to pull you out a burning building
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