DeRon Furr Goes From Baller Wolf To Trap Wolf

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 8.59.02 PMlisteeeennnnnn i can’tttttt….
so imagine being a pre-baller wolf right now.
yes you can close your eyes.
so you’re good at what you do,
you get drafted,
get injured,
and then get released?
sucks doesn’t it?
well thats the left field of the baller wolf life.
success its not always promised.
lets meet deron furr
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Nurse, How Big Is Your Stethoscope?

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 11.13.52 PMwhat would you do if you went to the hospital,
and this nurse walked in?
well if you’re anything like me,
you’d make sure to faint so he could pick you in the big arms.
while in his arms,
you’d put his raw thermometer in your mouth.
the one in his medical kit silly!
well this nurse wolf is named terrell jason.
he works at the santa monica health center in cali.
he also works out and let me just say…
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All Hail Mose

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.46.57 PMthe first time i ever went to washington heights in new yawk,
i nearly exploded.
there are wolves up there that would make you say “jesus!”.
well this is “mose”.
ex-nay on the “moses”.
i don’t know where mose lives,
but he looks like he would fit up in the heights very well.
now i’ve seen mose all over tumblr before i ( x found out ) who he was.
mose i’m sure is straight,
but that ain’t never stop a fox from admiring outside the chicken coop

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