Jordan Calloway Is Next Up In The “Look At God” Collection

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 6.52.50 PM…and god just gave me a molly because i’m sweating.
jordan calloway is everything right with the world.
look at some other shots foto119 did…
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Has Carlos Gone Full “Attentionisto” On Us?

tumblr_niac1cU6vZ1qf8fj8o1_250i think his name is carlos.
okay i was half right.
it’s carlos mcknight.
anyway i always see this wolf on tumblr reblogs,
and i think i wrote about him before,
but he was always pretty “lite” with his attentionisto-ism.
well i saw the following on tumblr compliments of “lucifuck”.
(nsfw-lite and “not for straight eyes”)…
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