That Being Said, I’m Not Gay Anymore! (God Changed Me!)

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 8.00.11 PMso you all are definitely my foxhole.
i saw this video earlier today and thought of you.
you all obviously blew up my emails so i know you were thinking of me.
you know i love god.
my twitter feed on sunday is filled with notes from td jakes sermon.
god also knows that i love wolves.
he okay with that.
we already discussed.
well this one church hyena didn’t feel the same way.
god obviously hasn’t spoken to him yet.
 he went back into the holy ghost closet at the 107th Holy Convocation.
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Bus Meet Jamari; Wheels Meet His Head

tumblr_ms3vhgLxxj1qh0pnto1_500yesterday was a bad day.
a baaaaaad fuckin’ day.
i had to come home after work,
drink close to a bottle of wine,
and immediately go take a nap.
oh yeah.
so remember i was telling you about this chick i work with?
she was messing with one of the mail room wolves?
well she tried to throw me under the bus to save her own ass…
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Obama Is Turning Black Men Gay!

tumblr_md2srt8gHY1qa42jro1_500you heard it here first.
obama is turning us gay,
making us come out the closet,
and then letting the white gay men take us from black women.
well i didn’t say it.
dr james david manning of this church:

lordhelpdid tho…
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