f0xmail: I’m Questioning My Role As A “Fox”. Help!


hello dear jamari…

you have no idea how I love your post and relate to some of the things you do say, knowing that you are more of a fox,helps me to really follow and see the dynamics in this lifestyle, I’m writing to you because,I don’t know what is going on with me, I started my sexual life 2 years ago as a fox,but it feels like I don’tknow if i enjoy the anal sex or not,I know I’m more of a fox since I seen a porn in my life (straight and gay)I knew I was the bottom,but for some reason I feel like I haven’t had “the”sex yet,the type that will make you go crazy even over the person or only his “third leg”.

is it because I’m a bit cynical in my nature that’s why I can’t let go ?
or its just I met awful tops lol?
or should I go for the 100%  my type physically?
(because i tend to lose my hard on and getting bored )

let me know what you think
I would like to hear your point of view,
that would help me a lot as a fox (don’t know any around me:-(
have a good day

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The Only Thing You Need To Control Is His Penis Inside You


your control.
control in what you say.
control in what you do.
are you really doing it your way?
some of us in life want to be in control of everything.
we have to make sure things go smoothly.
when they don’t,
it can equal a disaster.
for the rest,
they live life on their terms.
they have fun and jump head first.
rocks or water,
who cares!
just jump and pray god has your back towards the bottom.
i had to ask…

Do you like to always be in control?

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No Straights, No Shirts, But Good Service

tumblr_msp0fb0Zi91seony2o1_500i’m not really into gay clubs/bars.
depending on the event,
i’m not into the straight ones either.
well that is unless i’m in VIP.
i don’t do “on the floor”; no j.lo.
last night a hybrid associate wanted me to come out.
he knew i was depressed so he wanted me to “remember” what fun the city was.
i thought we were going to a restaurant or something.
oh no.
he wanted me to meet his new snow fox that he has been messing with for two months.

“you made me miss breaking bad and devious maids for this?” i asked, when i arrived downtown.
“he’ll pay for your food and dranks.”
“…okay so where we going.”
“a gay bar.”
“oh jesus.”

i wanted to turn around…
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