The Only Thing You Need To Control Is His Penis Inside You


your control.
control in what you say.
control in what you do.
are you really doing it your way?
some of us in life want to be in control of everything.
we have to make sure things go smoothly.
when they don’t,
it can equal a disaster.
for the rest,
they live life on their terms.
they have fun and jump head first.
rocks or water,
who cares!
just jump and pray god has your back towards the bottom.
i had to ask…

Do you like to always be in control?

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No Straights, No Shirts, But Good Service

tumblr_msp0fb0Zi91seony2o1_500i’m not really into gay clubs/bars.
depending on the event,
i’m not into the straight ones either.
well that is unless i’m in VIP.
i don’t do “on the floor”; no j.lo.
last night a hybrid associate wanted me to come out.
he knew i was depressed so he wanted me to “remember” what fun the city was.
i thought we were going to a restaurant or something.
oh no.
he wanted me to meet his new snow fox that he has been messing with for two months.

“you made me miss breaking bad and devious maids for this?” i asked, when i arrived downtown.
“he’ll pay for your food and dranks.”
“…okay so where we going.”
“a gay bar.”
“oh jesus.”

i wanted to turn around…
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Working Out Means You Signed Your Life Over To The Devil?

tumblr_ms1n5frNMi1qjl96uo1_500“do 1,000 sit ups before breakfast.
2,000 before lunch,
and 10,000 before bedtime.”

“see these rock hard abs?
they came from doing sits on the holy grail and drinking cat blood right after.”

“you can get bouncing pecs too.
just make sure you lift your weight in a mini cooper and then wrestle a rabid raccoon right after.”

“i’m a herbalife life assistant. contact me today.”

is herbalife the male mary kay?
yeah so those are all instagram statuses.
you know i keed.
first it was models,
then it was twerking,
now its the BILF (body i’d like to f).

tumblr_ms0o8lpDVR1qfyyoco1_500now we’re talking!
personal trainer wolves have started to flood instagram.
you can’t page hop without seeing compression shorts,
work out videos in the playground,
and sweat juice pecs.
listen i love my wolves with the muscular bodies.
i been known to worship a nice body,
while on my knees with spanish candles burning,
but has anyone noticed that everyone with muscle mass wants to whey in on a workout regiment?
it seems like these wolves who sucked as athletes have decided that training would be their life goal.
how fun is some meaty asshole
telling you that you ain’t shit because you don’t live in the gym?
how fun also that they won’t date anyone who isn’t working out either?
its like they have the personality of a dumbbell.
you notice a majority of these wolves have no one?
how can they have anyone really?
well besides “gymella” and that bitch is pretty much ran through.
hell the illusion of great work out like sex maybe just a fantasy as well.
i don’t mind the free work out tips,
but god forbid i try to hit them up about advice.
hell even personal training sessions…
tumblr_lsbmt6NdyQ1qhtn3ko1_r1_500 tumblr_lsbmt6NdyQ1qhtn3ko2_500i mean you are a “personal trainer” right?
i’m starting to think that personal training is all some of them have to offer.

with a gym now on every corner,
and a “steve to stephon” type dude with an instagram account,
i couldn’t help but wonder…

has personal training
become the new fall back career for swaggless men?

Is This Proof Spanish Guys Are Racist?

underlinewho knew people were paying attention to that discussion lindo and i were having?
well an f-bi sent in an email with proof about how spanish wolves do “us” on a chat site.
i mean this is just one out of many,
but is there an exception to the rule?
and if there is an exception,
what do you have to look like to be accepted?

lowkey: i will mess with a cuban and a dominican.
i need to hear the sweet sounds of spanish in my ear while they are in me.
where all the non prejudiced spanish wolves who look like this:


I’m Going To Teach You How To Twerk but I Ain’t Gay Cause I Get Coochie

1362353381_UrbanMediaKings.comTwerk“i’m going to teach you how to twerk!”
oh not me.
i’m not crazy.
this fox… queen… wolf has a twerkin’ lesson for
wolves to know how he rides pipe
the vixens out there who may not know how.
what a nice fox… queen… wolf to do this…

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No No No… He Isn’t Straight. I’m Not Crazy!! I Can Prove It! See!!

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 3.16.48 PMi was a “jeffery” once or twice.
thank god i wasn’t as bad as his creep ass.
i only deal with aggressive wolves now.
once you show me signs of “negro play games son”,
i’m over you.
i never crawled into bed with my crush while he was sleep.
i also never exploded on my crush in front of a vixen he was interested in.
i was more of the internal “jeffery”.
the best kind.
have you ever met a straight wolf and fell for him?
something about him just turned you on?
you couldn’t explain it but everytime you saw him,
it was like something clicked inside you?
sadly for all of us in this lifestyle,
a majority of us have been a “jeffery”.
some worse than others.
don’t feel bad because it happens to the best of us…

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Lemme Wash My Sheets Because They Got Years Of Cum Stains On Em

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 6.56.46 PMone of my vet foxholers sent me some videos he wanted me to watch.
it was from juanita bynum and its called, “no more sheets”.
ive heard of her,
but never listened to anything she did.
i decided to watch them today and well…

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*this is actually based on a dream i had last night.
i literally just woke up to write about it before i forgot.

you won a contest where you had full backstage privileges at a concert.
so you are sitting there,
watching everything that happens backstage.
the artist speaks to you candidly,
gives you high fives after each set,
and really showing you they are as down to earth as they portray.
well while back there this vixen:


…kept interacting with said artist as you observed.
somehow you both end up talking.
she tells you she the new assistant to the artist.
she got hired a few weeks ago and loves it.
well it goes from talking to her flirting with you HEAVY.
she’s saying how good you look,
how you would make a good boyfriend to some lucky girl,
and making jokes about she will to sleep with you,
but you can tell by her stares and body language she is dead serious.
she is actually coming off really THIRSTY.
oh the artist she works for and concert you were at?…

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