Who Killed Karina Vetrano?

ever since i read about the murder of ^this vixen,
i have had my nose in it.
say goodbye to karina vetrano.
she was the jogger who was mysteriously killed at howard beach in queens,
new yawk.
she went out for regular evening jog,
after her father told her not to,
and she never came home.
he got worried because she never came home 2 hours later.
that’s when he called the cops.
the father took them to find her.
she was found raped,
and strangled when they found her in a muddy marsh.
they recently found her alleged killer and well…
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Kim Kardashian Starts Her Comeback… With An Alleged Affair?

we legit haven’t seen kim kardashian since that robbery in paris.
i’m starting to think it was real.
you know she couldn’t go into hiding for too long before all that happened.
there has been way too many opportunities for her to show face.


well it seems she is allegedly occupied.
not with her husband tho.
word in the forest is she is having an affair.
with a baller wolf.
well according to terez owens
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When The Alleged DL Wolf Likes Your Picture On IG

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-8-54-02-pmsometimes it just happens,
ya know?
you get trapped in the black hole of liking pictures of ig.
you end up coming across one that you liked on the low,
but didn’t realize everyone could see what you did.
well that allegedly happened to justin combs.
he may have liked the picture of…
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August Alsina Has Some New Friends Getting Him Right

screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-2-15-23-pmyou know what?
i can’t…
so the foxhole remembers august “september” alsina,
^that was him at the ’16 amas looking like something out “the last dragon”.
we use to font about him a lot but then he just up and vanished.
i haven’t seen much from him since that last album.
well he has popped back up on snapchat!
guess who he snapped himself spending thanksgiving with…
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You’ll Be Waiting To See Janet (Or Won’t Be?)

tumblr_nubtpx3iZ61rwih5k_og_1280someone i’ve always wanted to see in concert is janet.
i bet she puts on a great show.
even at her 49,
i’m sure she is still killin’ the stage like her peers.
well i won’t be going to her show and it seems you won’t be either.
janet is postponing the second leg of the “unbreakable world tour”.
this is why via twitter
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