Let’s Record Him High and Send It to RadarOnline

i find videos like the following to be very sad.
so i didn’t know gary houston,
whitney houston‘s brother,
was allegedly addicted to drugs.
well i found out yesterday when an f-bi sent me the following article:

Whitney Houston Brother Caught Unconscious Outside Drug Den In Video

…courtesy of radar online.
of course,
i saw “drug den” and had to see wtf was up.
well in the video was so depressing to me.
it showed gary,
allegedly high af,
in his suv.
check it out below
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Getting High Makes Your Thoughts All Shiny and New

39780-Staring-Foxthere was a time when star fox and i were not speaking.
it was very early in our friendship.
i was running with some popular straight wolves.
wolves that i thought liked me as a person.
they had me doing a lot of dumb shit,
but i wanted to prove my “straightness” to the world.
well in a “fuck shyt” move,
i chose those clowns over star fox.
actually i dropped karaoke as well.
see they weren’t “straight” and “hood”.
my insecurities made me look at them as the bad guys.
well ain’t it funny…
they betrayed me and left me at the side of the road.
who came to pick me up and dust me off?
the same star fox.
karaoke also let me back in her life again.
star fox told me how much i hurt him when we finally talked about it.
it took a while to recover our friendship,
but i never did it again.
the lesson was learned.

i have been in a “post high hangover”.
it has been a lot of sleep,
r&b music,
and deep thoughts.
i thought a lot about my friendship with work wolf mostly.
  i realized something…
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Getting High With Work Wolf (We Get High)

tumblr_mkbzraCjcO1r3a6jho1_500remind me never to get high again.
i’m still sorta high right now.
i smoked like 11 hours ago.
i got higher than i’ve ever been in all my life tonight.
i’ve smoked weed before.
i wasn’t really a fan,
but i’ve been so stressed and depressed.
when work wolf offered yesterday i said:

“well why not?”

yeah bad decision…
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Spinning Out of Control (Mercury Retrograde)

aad955ec63b445e0f7ace76cb2f932e2mercury retrograde.
a time in life when things start to get confusing.
when mercury passes earth,
it slows down and spins backwards in retrograde.
in astrology,
mercury rules communication.
so during the three weeks this bs happens,
things in your life can get weird.
things won’t work,
they say not to start anything new,
and situations will get confusing.
my life has been absolutely confusing.
ever since may 18th,
and the last one earlier this year,
life has been one hell of a ride.
ima call it “chaos” because it was just that….
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