They Killed Will Sims For The New Hateful Nation of Donald Trump

everyone say goodbye to will sims.

this story came at such an ironic time that i’ll get into later.
it really made me have to look myself,
and even the foxhole,
a lot differently because there will probably be more of “this”.
so an f-bi sent me this tragic story from the ny daily news.
i had to share it with the foxhole…
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Don’t Be Kissin’ No Wolves In Miami

tumblr_nakomdtiGl1tdusq5o1_500when i think of miami,
i think of nice weather and beautiful animals everywhere.
“any and every” goes to south beach for a little r&r,
sex on the beach,
and potential ratchet behavior you’ll tell someone’s grandcubs.
well these two gays learned never to kiss in a south beach burger king bar.
sidebar: they still have those?
they shut the one down off of time square.
an f-bi sent me this story and the video to accompany it…
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He Poured Boiling Hot Water On Them Cause They’re Gay

marquez-tolbert-hat-650well this story is an eye opener.
it’s also a graphic one as well.
you never know who is in disdain over your life.
they may smile in your face,
attend all your events,
but muthafuckas out here are crazy as fuck.
animals can be jackals secretly plotting against you.
well that is what marquez tolbert,
in the picture ^above,
and anthony gooden experienced in feburary.
a family friend burned them with boiling hot water because they are gay.
this is what projectq had to say via a vix-bi


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Shot In The Face

219619-marc-carsoneveryone say rip to marc carson.
he was killed in the village due to a hate crime last night.
what confuses me is that the village is a known spot for gays in ny.
thats not my “scene” down there,
but that’s where everyone who is gay or cruising goes…

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Something In The Lesbians Ain’t Clean

i had a feeling there was more to this story.
things didnt’ add up when i read “i’m back at the same house again“…

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