Tag: harley barber

another embarrassing black male coming through.
these tend to be my favorite entries.
this time,
it’s baller wolf of the ny giants,
landon collons.
what did he do,
you ask?
he thinks a sit down with that the racist snow hyena will help her.
since he played college for alabama,
he think’s he has that magic.
this is what he told “tmz sports”


offset should have stuck to his guns.
i would have respected him more if he did.
he clearly doesn’t give a fuck,
but he was forced to coloring in between the lines.
so if you didn’t know,
offset from migos,
doesn’t “vibe with queers”.
this coming from someone who legit wears blouses,
but i digress.
he has a featured verse in a new song called “boss life”,
where he said what he said