Soulja Boy and Chris Brown Use To Fuck Together

well kinda…
so soulja boy is dropping a lot of dirt since this beef with chris brown.
he exposed chris brown for allegedly being a coke head,
but now he dropped this during a vent tweet session
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The Pain of Taking Pipe

/the following entry is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is more than likely advised.

i have always admired those who take pipe well.
this is going to be a sexual entry.
God has already forgiven me.
so taking pipe in the life is an art form.
it takes a lot to have something going in and out of you.
speed and force tbd.
many love it,
but some can’t handle it.
it has literally turned some into full blown wolves.
as much as they have tried,
they simply can’t get into it.
all the cleaning and to actually stick it in.
you gotta be a real pipe enthusiast to deal.
those who love it are already prepared with what to expect.
either it’s gonna be:

a) “i could have caught up on season 2 of blackish instead of this.”
b) “omg! i didn’t know he could fuck!”

for those who get the latter,
it can turn you completely out.
i was watching this video and i said to myself:

“I don’t think this fox was ready for what this dl wolf was about to give.”

so um…
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I Think The New Mailroom Wolf Wants To Bang Me…

3043474304_3bd3ce0abb…and i reallllllllllllly want him to.
so they hired some new mailroom wolves at my job.
it’s funny how they can hire three new mailroom wolves,
but my department is so understaffed.
as i was sitting at my desk last week,
up pops this sexy wolf wearing the tightest work t shirt.
the upper bawdy>>>>>>

the pecs underneath the shirt>>>>>>
the burning loins in my drawz>>>>>>
he is…
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Chris Brown’s Pipe Is One of The Reasons He So Skinty

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 7.26.08 PMoooooooh no.
well i do like chris brown with weight on him.
i think we all do.
i mean that ” x 2009-2010” look.
that is when he is was his most handsome-est.
anything after that was,
he explained in a recent ig comment what his weight loss regiment is.
this is a chris brown official statement
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