Frank Ocean Gets His Hair Did

tumblr_n9ww24mfb21qdrz3yo1_500 Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 9.13.59 PMwhat the hell is a seapunk?
so frank ocean debuts a new hairstyle.
as you can see it’s blue.
he also has a shirt on.
i prefer him debuting muscles like he did ( x last time ).
i guess this maybe part of the creative process?
lets hope a new album from frankie next year.

lowkey: chris brown does it better tho.

via ( x his tumblr )

The Game Wants Frank Ocean To F U

tumblr_n74qswEarY1r2v3p8o1_500“we don’t need frankie to have fun jay?”
inside voice.
anyway so jayceon taylor,
aka the game,
aka “daddy long dong dandy”
has some lyrics that have rubbed people the wrong way.
by people,
i mean gays.
well i think.
he mentioned frank ocean in one of his latest songs titled,
“bigger than me”.
he said…
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Frank Ocean: The New Meat?

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 7.56.04 PMfrank ocean has been working out.
can ‘t you tell?
i guess a weight room is where he been hiding out at.
well a vix-bi alerted me to his new meat that he posted and deleted on his tumblr.
captioned: “shout out to the selfie god”.
dare i say…
is that…
is that a print?
i see you frankie.
Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 7.53.37 PMuh huh.
got an album to sell huh?

follow frank on his tumblr: here

Homophobic Men Are Scared of Being Bitches (Facts?)

charlamagne-tha-godwhen radio host charlamagne tha god from #power1051 speaks,
i usually listen.
he is actually a really smart wolf underneath all the word vomit.
so he had an interview with vlad tv where he was asked about homophobic jackals.
they brought up how other artists don’t wanna work with frank ocean because he is bisexual.
his answer may just surprise you…

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Frankie Got That Eeyore Eye Swagg Going On

tumblr_mnhfwqTP2f1r8zyc5o1_1280awww frankie looks sad.
his eyes certainly tell it.
apparently he uploaded this picture to his tumblr recently and quickly erased it.
for someone who has a grammy,
doing production for jay and kanye,
doing a lot better than his “before”,
and i’m sure exposed to a better kind of meat…
…well then again.
he always looks just over it.
i wonder whats going on with frankie?
he should go “dark illuminati lite” next album.
like so:

tumblr_msybpdiYFz1qhbn7lo1_500that would actually be interesting.

x visit his tumblr here

Which One Broke All Of Riccardo Tisci’s Walls To Pieces?

you got turned out something serious, huh?
riccardo told vogue hommes last month about the hottest sex in his life

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Did Frank Ocean Add Riccardo Tisci To His Trophy Case Last Night?

so last night was the met ball.
all our fav celebs showed up dressed in crazy outfits.

x see them all here

riccardo tisci…

riccardotiscithe man behind givenchy,
sat at the same table with frank ocean.
judging from how this picture trail went…

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