Fox Is The New Black Friday

tumblr_lvbvhxQuI81qemop0i’ve done retail before.
not my favorite at all.
whenever i worked retail,
i always use to hear about the madness that was “black friday”.
the time of year when usually sane people go completely mad for sales.
for whatever reason,
i would end up either getting fired or quitting before i could work it.
god’s rejection is god’s protection?
well today there was a mass email to volunteer at a retail store in new yawk.
this store is one of the big clients at my job.
they were looking for people who wanted to work on:

black friday

i did need the extra money.
it also might be fun as well.
so i sent a reply email and said i wanted to do it…
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What is “Trade Pussy”? (Learn Something New Every Day)

tradepussyso i guess these lyrics apply to this term:

“Y’all niggas is pussy
I’m ballin’ now nigga now watch me (watch me)
Ain’t nothin’ you can do to stop me (stop Me)
You niggas get so emotional (emotional)
You remind me of my bitch.” - i smell pussy, 50 cent

anyway so a foxholer sent me this and i laughed so loud.
like the one person in the comment,
i also learn something new every day.
so for those who don’t know what “trade” is:

trade (n): A man who messes around with other men, but no one would ever know by looking or talking to him. Used by gay black men to identify masculine gay men or DL Brothas.

A theoretically straight man who likes to “sit back and get serviced” by gay/bi men, with little or no sexual reciprocation. (Note: It is specifically the lack of interest in reciprocating that defines a man as “trade.”)
compliments urban dictinary

so basically its some form of fox tail carried by…

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f0xmail: Im In Love With A Stripper Wolf and So Is Everyone Else! Help!



I’m going on year two in the ATL and I have fallen hard for a stripper. He does his work and comes homes to me but since he is bi-sexual, I feel like I’m competing with the foxes and hyenas in order to have his attention.

He has goals and ambitions and wants me included with them but I can’t shake all the females (or its more of him) that can’t shake them off with the texts and meeting them at the club esp. when foxes, wolves, and hyenas bring their “female” foxes.

I have fallen hard and we got so much in common but I want him all to myself and not share with anyone (Foxes or wolves included).  Any advice?


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Birdman Out Here Giving Free Cash Money To Foxes Like Welfare

Birdman-u10so why no one aint tolded-ed me birdman was the untapped resource?
birdman stay lacing his jump offs with the finest.
ima need him to cape for my bills and career at this point.
while we chasing meat we can actually stomach laying on top of us,
birdman out here giving “the foxi swagg premium lifestyle” to a chosen few.
like so…
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Minding My Business (Long Distance)

l-Happy-Mountain-Foxtoday was a day.
it was pretty eventful to say the least.
it felt like a climb up a very large mountain.
one of many i have climbed recently.
after i wrote the two entries earlier,
i got my clothes together and left the crib.
it was hotter than i expected so i was covered in sweat.
i couldn’t stop sweating.
i was on the train probably looking greasy as hell.
i had an appointment with my new business manager.
the fox is in business.
well trying to be…
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The Only Thing You Need To Control Is His Penis Inside You


your control.
control in what you say.
control in what you do.
are you really doing it your way?
some of us in life want to be in control of everything.
we have to make sure things go smoothly.
when they don’t,
it can equal a disaster.
for the rest,
they live life on their terms.
they have fun and jump head first.
rocks or water,
who cares!
just jump and pray god has your back towards the bottom.
i had to ask…

Do you like to always be in control?

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Some Choose To Have Their Pound Cakes Spread While Others Pound Em

lay down,
spread em,
legs back,
turn around,
face down,
tail up,
repeat… maybe?
the role of the fox.
all for the sake of pleasure and pleasing.
don’t you love it?

x whats a fox?

in this lifestyle,
it seems being a fox is like being a serial killer.
you feed the neighborhood rats with body parts.
when you choose to receive instead of give,
or do both,
it opens up for many opinions and criticism.
“why you…”
“ugh i mean…”
“what the…”

tumblr_mlha0qpVho1qbtzbno1_500 when the wolves look down <<<<<
like who you plan on fuckin’, negro?
it kills me the mass hysteria it creates that i had to ask…

Whats the big deal with being a fox?

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