They Are Waiting For The Smoke To Clear To Bring You Down

tumblr_m6a5makycy1qz8rpeo1_1280it always starts with faint smoke behind us.
some people can see it.
some just don’t pay attention to it.
next starts with our “behavior”:

can’t keep people in their life for too long
always in some kind of drama
can’t take responsibility for their actions
an attitude or a cloud of negativity that follows

it takes that one fire for the forest dwellers to take notice.
now bad things do happen to good animals,
but in most cases,
its simply “you get whats coming to you”.
you just never know when your nasty ways will catch up to you.
right now you think you are on top of the world being an asshole,
but every asshole has a trail of shit waiting to drop.
we all have to face our judgment for our actions.
usually the punishment comes 10 times worse.
take our pony tail wearing mini mariah-tron for example…

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Your Scent Is “Booty Booty Butt Cheeks” By Eau Du Toilette

tumblr_mya0umxP1L1scu9vwo1_1280we all live in our own forests.
thing is,
no one’s forest is truly the same.
when it comes to dating,
and not fuckin’,
everyone has a different scent.
it makes us who we are.
the scent of sex smells like “half naked pictures” and “suggestive texts”.
anyone can do that.
you can get anyone to fuck you if they are horny enough.
the scent of a hoe is pretty easy to smell.
when it comes to what makes someone stick around,
do you know what your scent is?
what it was?
well we need to take a trip inside.
deep inside.
so my question to you is…

What scent are you giving off?

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