Flashman Wade Is Not Your “Sis”

flashman wade has some gays upset today.
it’s over the “s” word.
so as you know,
flashman wade is pretty gay friendly.
he knows we like his butt cheeks and drops his drawz for us.
he does shit like this on his connectpal:

…and it keeps everyone’s loins in a tizzy.
unlike other “supposed gay friendly straights”,
the ones who post half naked pictures and get offended if you comment,
he is pretty open to the lustful thoughts you leave.
well he posted this picture on his twitter with this caption:

…and and someone called him “sis”.
fantasy ruined?
  an f-bi sent me some of his fans took offense like so…
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Flashman Wade Knows What He Got (and Its Big?)

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 10.38.16 PM

something about dallas “flashman” wade screams:

“will have you hooked on my hipster sex”

you know those types.
i bet he knows every position of the kama sutra.
its always the “different” ones that have your mind all messed up.

now i didn’t know his bunz was this big tho…
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