The Fine Wolf Who Finally Popped Up Under My Nose

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 11.14.27 PMyou are probably wondering who this slab of meat concrete is?
well he is a wolf whose mystery has been finally solved.
i ( x featured him ) before and put out a personal apb on him.
i was so ratchet starting out.

anyway i searched every mountain high and valley low.
i gave up hope.
left him in my fantasies and kept it moving.
if it wasn’t for the f-bi
well i’ll just show you who he is…
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Top Shelf Wolf: Cody Latimer

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 8.12.40 PMsooooooo…
i remember seeing cody latimer on the 2014 nfl draft.
when i saw him,
i thought in my head:

“who the HAYLE was that???”

i had to write about him,
but i completely forgot.
so many baller wolves; so little time.
well now is the right time…
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This Is How I’d Let You Dump Your Load On My Head

tumblr_n2hv4mBwgm1sk0c87o1_500i got donatella versace’s mindframe.
i would recruit two sexy wolves with bodies like ^that,
baller or non,
to dump their loads on my head.
load of ice for the als ice bucket challenge that is.
what did you think i was talking about?
well an f-bi showed me how donatella versace did just that and well…
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The Hairy Wolf With No Name

tumblr_nagxy1cNFe1s9o4zjo3_1280i love me a #nofuckstogive wolf.
lowkey we all do.
now there is a type of #nofuckstogive wolf i like.
the one who marches to the beat of his own drum.
not the one who is swiping stolen credit cards in the projects.
well unless he is buying me something nice.
 i’ve been seeing this wolf here on tumblr
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