foXXX: “GahDammit! The Condom Keeps Slippin Off Baby.”

tumblr_luogsuvyvE1qb5gkjo1_500wolves and hybrids.
i know you want to show off,
especially up in the coo coo,
but can you please wear a condom that fits?
its okay if you can’t fit a mag.
i won’t laugh.
i’d breathe a sigh of relief.
foxes would you turn down this wolf if the condom kept slipping?
nsfw and 18^
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Fuckin’ The Number 1 Draft Pick Wolf

tumblr_mjj0b03GbJ1rlmm3zo1_500i turned around and there he was.
he got here kind of fast too.
he left his celebratory get together just to join me.
now i’m not stupid.
this man has a girlfriend back home.
he also has a mama,
and other family members in the room down the hall.
in the middle of glasses clinking and champagne toasting,
he actually saw my text.

“i want you.”

i was feeling naughty.
he replied with a smiley face.
i thought they meant i was going to bed horny.
more than likely,
we would catch up tomorrow.
i guess i was wrong.
he is here….

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A$AP Rocky Used To Get His Dick Sucked By A Fox?

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 4.22.47 PMoh really?
one of his goons did her one better for that comment…

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The Things You Do When You Have Good Dick In Your Life (3)

wolf put me in the doggy style position.
he told me to arch my back and lift my ass up….
he stood up on both legs on the bed.
he liked better leverage.
he slowly stuck his lubed and covered pipe inside me.
i was ready to get this amazing pipe that i couldn’t wait for any longer.
dude was slowly jerking his dick and looking forward for what was about to go down…
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The Things You Do When You Have Good Dick In Your Life (2)

as we walked up the stairs,
i took my cardigan off and let it drop on the stairs.
i didn’t bother to pick it up.
i had to come back down the stairs anyway.
wolf looked down at me and he had a huge grin on his face.
he pulled off his hoody and dropped it on the stairs.
copy cat.
whatever cologne he had on tickled my senses.
i was more turned on than I have ever been to be honest.
i never did no shit like this before.
we could have started on the stairs for all i cared.
i was ready….
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The Things You Do When You Have Good Dick In Your Life

i been fuckin him for almost a year now.
i got to admit,
he serves me some mean pipe when i need it.
who knew what started out on the d/l,
would turn into something that has been really heavy.
i told myself, “don’t get hooked on the dude“.
of course,
when he sends that text or he calls…
there i go running like a child to his father’s arms.
funny thing is,
he does the same to me…..

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f0xmail: Oh Where, Oh Where Did My Special Friends Go?

I got this email and I had to post it.
I need you guys to read this:

Hey, Jamari its Ronnie. I need to vent! Im really so over these hookup sites (jackd, grindr) I tried to get into it again, but its just not what it is. Met one guy he was cool, he text me tonight but was a lil short with his words and it takes Him 10 mins to respond, so I get on grindr and who do I see him thats why hes taking forever to respond. Then I see this one dude who I just fucked on the weekend, the one who act like he cant return a fucking text. I text him a simple “Hows it going?” I dont get a response till almost 4 days later, but when he need something he try and text. I got his ass good one time he thought I was going to rent him a car so he could see his fam 4 xmas. Sure! Told him I went out of town lol. Its so crazy he 28yrs old bout 30 acting dumb as fuck. I know we not dating but damn im just saying hi WTF? I really liked him too. Idk im just feeling some kind of way, I dont want no boyfriend right now. All im asking for is a special friend, someone who will treat me right, who dont ignore me when I text, who actually wants to spend time with me, not just fuck. These men here in Atlanta are something else. Idk, i see so many good looking guys and I bet they aint bout shit. I guess im just fustrated and disappointed a lil maybe. Thanks for listening




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You Are The Cousin I May Want To Screw

I love when my crib has one more voice other than my own.

As a single Fox, you can live a semi lonely life.
Sure, you can have a contact list full of friends and associates.
But I believe your home is your sanctuary and not everyone needs to be up in there.
You can also have various Wolves in and out giving you pipe when you need it.
But, as you are waiting for the right Wolf, you can come home to a lonely house 95% of the time.

I had my Cuz, who happens to be a Hybrid, stay with me for the weekend.
He is from another Forest and wanted to visit, since he had business to take care of.
He had no where to stay and I would not have it if he stayed at a hotel.
I had prior engagements to take care of, but we still had a chance to talk and catch up.
On his end, he ended up having a strange situation with a dude he met last year.
Left me wondering at the end of the story:

Uh, is that guy straight or not????

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