Joseph D Tail Has The Look Of “Premature Ejaculation”

the foxhole loves joseph d over at mind body fitness,
don’t we?
well that amazing tail of his caught our attention first.

well as of late,
joseph has been a lot more “open” with sharing just how fat they are.
the first thing that came to my mind:

“He gotta be fuckin…”

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The One Light Eyed Bandit Does “Mugshot”

jail is not a good look,
but sometimes,
the ones going to jail can look good af.
don’t act like they don’t.
they come out of jail looking like “fuck me stupid”.
remember when we gave all our virtual drawz to that ( x light eyed prisoner )?
jeremy meeks ended up getting to walk phillip pleins’s show last new yawk fashion week.

that coat is fly.
well another bandit caught me eye with his light eye in his mugshot…
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