Drake’s Milkshake Brought Justin Bieber Out or Nah?

11378782_962099853821149_1721007285_ndrake has been doing some serious thirst trappin’ these days.
am i mad?
well these thirst traps been bringing all the vixens and foxes to his yard.
even a celebrity too.
allegedly justin bieber made a comment as well.
he allegedly posted this
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So Drake Helps Fan Who Was Contemplating Suicide?

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 3.54.12 PMhow funny…
i started typing this and k michelle’s “drake would love me” came on.
i believe drake has a good heart.
you can tell he was raised good.
one of his fans posted a heartfelt comment about how they wanted to give up.
this is what he allegedly said…
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Drake Blows Two Baller Wolves Tonight

drakeblowingineardrake started off a little cringe worthy in the opening,
but the skit with blake griffin and chris brown was pretty funny.
so drake decided to recreate lance stephenson’s “blowing in lebron’s ear” at the #espys.

i can just imagine the gifs…
lance stephenson and paul george ended up being good sports about it.
anyone else i’m sure would have punched him.
now look at what charlamange tweeted with his shady ass…
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