“I Loved You Since I Was 22” (Start “I’m Still a G” Tears)

tumblr_ocoqfop48K1u5zp1po1_400can i tell you ^this part was my favorite?
drake gets up on that stage and put it all on the line for rihanna.
he didn’t care that they would drag him online.
he went for it and i think she took it.
check the full speech
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Everyone Needs A “Drake” In Their Circle

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 9.49.00 AMlooking like ^that,
i do too.
but seriously…
everyone needs a “drake” in their life.
even if he isn’t your “lover”,
we all need someone who is our personal hype person.
cheer leader.
someone who will hype the shit out of you to everyone.
“star fox” was mine.
star fox always spoke so highly of me.
i got to meet a few of his friends at his funeral and they all said:

“omg this is the jamari fox he always talked about…”
“he loved you so much.”
“i’m glad we get to meet this person that was like a celebrity…”

well “drake” is the “star fox” for “rihanna”.
as you know,
rihanna is getting the video vangaurd award at the mtv music awards tomorrow.
this is what drake did for her that she posted via her ig
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When Stanning Goes Left… and Nearly Gets Your Tail Beat

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.58.30 PMi didn’t know drake’s stans were this brave.
i always imagined they were in their feelz most of the time.
well as you know,
drake and joe budden have beef.
well joe budden has beef.
drake was minding his own when joey came after him.
well drake’s stans decided to go after joey outside his crib.
“the right one” is all ima say.
this happened sent in by a f-bi via power 105.1
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