You Use To Call Me On My Cellphone

IMG_20151004_040548^thats me.
i said it.
right now,
my hotline bling is disconnected.
unless you count work wolf…
don’t even get me started.
anyway champagne papi,
has released a new video through apple music called “hotline bling”.
you guessed it.
unlike tidal,
you can check the video below…
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Serena William’s Booty Landed Her A Papi

tumblr_nrfu7cOrdC1s5yq4jo4_540serena williams is body goals.
what i would do with all that tail.
the possibilities are endless.
then again…
i’d have a hard time finding jeans.
ya know what?
i’ll pass…
well guess who is trying to get in all that booty?
well serena was caught making out with none other than…
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