David McIntosh May Be For Trump (Still Would Let Smash?)

what’s happening with david mcintosh?
ever since this presidential election,
folk’s favs been giving no fucks.
an f-bi wanted me to see a collection of tweets from david today.
his first tweet that started it all appeared to been this:

…and then all hell broke loose
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Chrisette Michele’s Hypeman Tells Spike Lee How He Feels

you gotta be careful who your “hypeman” is.
it could either be a friend,
or your s/o,
but the wrong hyena or jackal could have you out here looking crazy.
well chrisette michele’s hypeman happens to be her wolf,
doug ellison.
after spike lee banished her work from his project,
this is what he retweeted from her twitter via baller alert
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Are You Sorry Yet? (I Could Not Stop Laughing)

a f-bi sent me the following and…
ya know what i love the most?
love more than cooked food,
nice fur and accesories,
and rubbing on a sexy wolf’s chest?

when someone does dumb shit and regret sets in.
i also love when they brag and then life comes at them fast.
that always amuses me.
so a tweeter named @freeyomindkid has a mission.
he will tweet all of the trump supporters who are getting their:


here are a few of his findings
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Trump Books A Willing Negro Child To Tap Dance For Him?

so it’s happening in a few days.
matter a fact.
donald trump will be sworn in as our new president.
that means you or i can try out for the gig.
clearly the standards have lowered.
well the talk has been about who will headline the festivities.
ya’ll damn near scared jennifer holiday back into irrelevancy.
sadly another negro vixen child has allegedly taken the gig.
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Let’s Meet With Donald Trump To Help “Us”!

it seems like everyone wants to play “peacemaker” with our new president.
all of our “important” blacks are lining up to meet with him.
that last sentence was filled with sarcasm.
i guess they want to play “hero”.
kanye was the first and now we got another to put on his cape.
check who met with donald trump today via the shade room
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