“Ma, I Can’t Take It Anymore” and Then He Killed Himself

is anyone watching “time: the kalief browder story”?
it comes on spike tv at 10pm on wednesdays,
but it also re-broadcasts after “the quad” on bet at 11pm.
it’s a 6 part documentary produced by jay z and harvey weinstein.
it’s a must watch,
in my honest opinion…
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It’s Settled: Chris Brown IS The Next Michael Jackson

tumblr_ohhhvphumd1u2r94mo1_1280usher doesn’t get his props.
i was just saying this to someone.
as you know,
michael jackson is the platinum standard in music.
so many have been pre-crowned as “the new mj”.
suddenly they fall the fuck off because his ghost is petty.
all of them don’t reach his level of artistry and stardom.
he was truly one of a kind.
chris brown thinks he is carrying on michael jackson’s legacy.
in his new documentary,
chris says he is the closest thing to michael jackson’s legacy.
he uploaded this clip on his instagram
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“Mikey Sam Has A Big Butt”

SamKissthat was the first thought i had watching the mikey sam documentary.
the one that came on own last night.
when i finished watching both the documentary and oprah’s prime,
i was left with a few other thoughts that led me to my conclusion

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