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i liked his outfit here sans all those tacky ass chains.
it’s black gay pride in atlanta this weekend.
it’s ludaday weekend too.
 i’m sure it won’t be hard to get some dl pipe during the festivities.
jack’d servers are probably holding onto dear life.
well boosie posted this tasteless joke on his ig…


*the following entry is parental advisory.
graphic language and images a bound!


Hey Jamari,

I’m going into my fifth year of college. Five years ago I thought college would be the time to really find myself but I haven’t done much of that. I’ve achieved in all other areas, top of my class, damn near 4.0 GPA, recognized leader on campus, going into my senior year with job offers in a good STEM field but my sex life still isnt figured out and I’ve been working since freshman year. I started looking at guys more but I noticed I don’t really like guys, I just like dick if that makes sense, and I only like head, no bottoming or topping. I tried going back to girls but I wasn’t getting up and it was awkward for both parties. I’m not into guys emotionally but it’s hard to get turned on by girls physically. I’m DL and also don’t want my business out there so I try not to mess around too much. What should I do?




Sooo I’m clearly a fem bottom. I always have had a light voice it never really got any deeper. I’m young I enjoy and love sex. My throwback game strong I give some of the sloppiest bj’s ever I’m told by almost everyone I have sex with that I’m amazing and I do all the right things that they like and turn them on. But usually I deal with punk ass niggas that spread my business. I’m fem but I just want to establish some type of NSA with someone discreet or DL but then it turns out almost all the DL/discreet niggas get exposed on places like tumblr n shit and all they business out there.

What do I do?

A lot of them either aren’t attracted to me or think I’ll tell their business cause I’m fem. But all I really want is for them to come lay the pipe and get the fuck out. Im NOT one of those niggas that screams slay queen or slay Beyoncé but I enjoy lots of other “feminine” things. It makes it hard for me to find someone who I can casually fuck but also keep my business my business.

So what should I do?
Who should I try to establish a relationship like this with?

It’s hard to trust other queens out there because they are always involved in drama and outing each other.



we don’t realize what outing someone can do.
it’s a powerful tool to destroy someone who is dl or even discreet.
it’s like we are still in high school.
well for most of us,
we are still there.
instead of putting someone’s number on the bathroom wall,
it’s spreading someone’s sexuality for the whole world to see.
outing is so dangerous,
and is a form of bullying but i had to ask the foxhole…

Why do some of us still do it?