Kairo Whitfield Gets Some Alleged Pipe Leakage

sideshow bob has some pipe leakage today.
i mean’t kairo whitfield!
doesn’t he kinda sorta look like side show bob?

well a better version of him.
he is the cub of sheree whitfield of rhoa.
a vix-bi alerted me that fameolous was behind it all.
this is what she had to show us…
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Did Safaree Get Some Alleged Pipe Leakage?


/this entry contains adult images and material.
viewer discretion is advised.

so i think my lowkey prayers have been answered.
a f-bi alerted me that safaree got some alleged pipe leakage today.
are we excited?
now the source is mediatakeout,
so you gotta f-bi to be sure,
but this is what they gotta show the foxhole
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