When The Going Get Tough, The Tough Leap Off A Roof To Their Death

i notice when snow wolves lose all their money,
they tend to head to suicide.
that is pretty much what their life is based on.
it’s always something painful too.
well charles w. murphy,
a hedge fund snow wolf,
who lost a shit load of money due to bernie madoff’s ponzi scheme,

decided to kill himself on monday in new yawk.
this is the story via totpi
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Dylann Roof Will Be Leaving Jail Soon

well i didn’t see this coming.
so remember this supreme jackal by the name of dylann roof?
he is the one who murdered everyone after bible study in charlseton, south carolina.
his motive was to start a race war.
( x see it here )
it was a such a disgusting story.
well he learned his fate today and well…
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Putting The Wrong Meat In Your Mouth Can Kill You


sometimes it’s best not to eat everyone’s food.
family can be included in this.
holiday dinners could lay you out with food poisoning.
well what if it could kill you?
you know how bad some meat can be.
well this church in califorina served a huge thanksgiving meal.
the problem is it killed 3 people.
this is the story via buzzfeed
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“You Might Beez Dead, But I Needz To Get Paidz.” – she said.

ctsn4bxwiaaqpoaso the results of how shawty lo died were released.
it lists everything about the crash scene as well.
it also revealed what the two passengers in the car did to shawty lo as well.
this shit is so sad via ajc
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