The Mental Games of Rashawn Brazzell’s Alleged Killer

so as you know,
they found the alleged killer of rashawn brazzell.
we spoke about this ( x a week or two ago ).
his name is kwauhuru govan and he looks like so:

he allegedly is the heavy suspect of killing rashawn

he claims rashawn being gay was an “abomination” to his religion.
this is after he blew kisses to rashawn’s mother in court.
the f-bi keeping me up to date with this story sent me the follow up…
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Me and Adrian Peterson Need To Have A Pow Wow

AP_adrian_peterson4_ml_141008_16x9_992^that was adrian peterson and his wife in court today.
good choice on outfits and color palettes.
so adrian plead not guilty as he would.
the trial for his child abuse allegations start in december.
he is lookin’ to up to 2 years if convicted.
before he went to court,
he decided to defend himself to us on twitter with a series of tweets.
this time its for the alleged “charity orgy” allegations…
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Rashidah Ali Wrote A Check She Couldn’t Cash (Literally)

BSjlK8oIMAAQYTCwatch what you say about this one.
she will end you and that’s a fact.
everyone meet rashidah ali.
she was on “love and hiphop ny” and from what i’m reading,
she is a hoodrat extraordinaire.
her hair is the color of candy corn.
what chu expect?
well who knew she was allegedly stealing credit cards and writing bad checks?
well my people at the cliffview pilot sent me this….

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