I Want Ya’ll To Donate Money For An iPhone 5 So I Can Read Comments Better.

061229_will_blog_for_foodso i just got in from spending the evening with star fox’s ex and his friends.
i’ll discuss that episode tomorrow,
but i wanted to discuss something that we watched tonight.
after i watched it,
i instantly thought:

“i have to get home to share this with the foxhole.”

i think about you guys all the time lol
i don’t know who this video blogger is.
the only video blogger in my vicinity is kid fury.
i don’t keep up with everyone else.
that being said,
i was shocked to see this one below begging to be saved…

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If You Were A Celeb, You Would Read Your Mean Tweets?

11954322131712176739question_mark_naught101_02.svg.medimagine scrolling through your timeline,
as a celeb and seeing:


…sounds like something out of keri hilson’s mentions.
you want to @ reply:

“who the FUCK do think you talking too?”
“ya mama is muthafuckin’ bitch”
“where you @? let me come see you real quick.”
“FUCK YOU. exclamation point”

… but you know the media is watching.
it’s better to ignore anyway.
once you reply,
they won.
jimmy kimmel has a segment where celebs read their mean tweets.

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