Taylor Bennett Comes Out Without His Brother’s Help

i guess all the rapper wolves brother’s are coming out…
i love chance the rapper‘s album,
“coloring book”.
from start to finish,
that is an album i can listen to straight through.
well who knew his brother,
taylor bennett,
could also spit?
who knew taylor bennett was also bisexual?
well he came out today via the f-bi and vix-bi
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The Pre-Baller Wolf Lets His Secret OUT.


he is sexy,

nice lips
handsome face
tats ( #dontjudgeme )
pre baller wolf

well guess what?
the secret is out!
pun intended?
a foxholer introduced me to brandon davis,
and now i’m going to introduce him to the foxhole.
check what he wrote to out sports with a video to accompany it…
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Wentworth Miller Was Ready To Die Because He Was Gay

wentworth_miller_01wentworth miller was fighting those demons.
as you know,
he recently just ( x came out the closet ).
he was suicidal while being in the closet.
he spoke at a human rights campaign dinner about his testimony…
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