Daddy, Can I Lick Your Big Juicy Plastic Chest?

so this foxvine was sent in from an f-bi.
i found it interesting so i said:

“Why not?”

i’m all for a beauty scandal.
so it seems the animals are taking the easy route to look “ig ready”.
no more sweating to the oldies in the gym.
some are allegedly headed to get plastic parts like their vixen counterparts.
i think that rhymed.
anyway this is what was sent in to me…
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The Most Action I Had In Months

tumblr_n36gzp74a51tucbz9o2_500i hate rush hour.
coming home for me is like being squeezed into a sardine can.
all that pushing and shoving just to get on the train…
its like a fight to see who can get and stay on.
people don’t even give a fuck either.
they will squeeze themselves in a tight spot just to get in.
well tonight,
this someone squeezed himself in my tight spot and…
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Kerry Rhodes Is Now Role-Playing As Batman?


Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 6.34.38 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-09 at 6.38.50 PM
kerry rhodes…
does anyone else see the arm and chest?
the veins?
tumblr_ljni23toKF1qb6110o1_250jesus forgive the thoughts i have.
i want to play a little game with him since he likes superheros and all.
“batman rescues the helpless fox”.
location: my bedroom.
…or his.
i’m not picky.

lowkey: i’d rather see kerry as batman than ben affleck.