Mental Road Block

Google-Maps-iconguess who got his florida license today?
not charlie brown.
i didn’t even have to do much to get it,
plus they gave me it the same day.
it felt good to be back on the road again.
leaned back with one hand on the wheel.

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tumblr_makjzst9FW1rg65weo1_500nothing better than some head.

How To Rape A Man At Gun Point And Drop Him Home Afterwards

friends!her friend must have been hard up for some peen.
this thoughtful lady here helped her friend get some much needed wall massaging.
it just so happened at gun point.
now you know a wolf can perform under pressure ladies…
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WOLF MEAT: (335)

tumblr_mq3lj4Cgju1ssphx9o1_500that’s a wide bumper.
…i meant the car.



i don’t know how these straight wolves do it.
i just don’t.
i saw this video of this wolf’s wife throwing a bitch fit in the car.
when i say i was waiting for the slap?…

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I Would Ride The Hell Out Chu. I Damn Sure Would.

i saw my dream car tonight!
my dream wolf also owned it.
that’s another story.
i ran out of brown rice,
so i had to take a quick trip to the corner store.
when i walked out my building,
i saw this sexy wolf talkin to the spanish vixen couple buildings up.
he was definitely my type,
but i didn’t even focus on him for to long.
his car is what really got my attention….

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#boom #crunch #splat (Fucked).

imagine being in a car.
any car.
it’s yours and you are driving.
it’s a beautiful day.
sun is out.
windows down.
wind blowing in your face.
you are driving to your next destination.
the next pit stop.
it’s been a long journey,
but you have enough gas to last a while.
stop sign.
you follow the rules of the road.
as soon as you pull off to get to the next street,
a pick up truck slams the fuck into you.
car-crash12you = car.
the pick up truck = life.
the outcome….

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I’ll Be The Naughty Driver and You Be My Dirty Hooker

mr-cee-hot-97-475he don’t listen.
you woulda thought he learned from last time.

x see last time

but i guess the bussy and mouth is just too good to quit.
he did upgrade to full on male this time…

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Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz, Can I Get A Witness?

bernadine-madi always wondered if i’m capable of going crazy?
like if my wolf decided to act up,
would i scratch up his car or order 20 pizzas to his house?
out him to the world for reality show pipe dreams?
i’m good at cutting someone out my life when they fuck up.
i can pretty much erase your number and never look back,
but would i ever go straight up psycho?
good question.
they say good dick makes you do crazy things.
kinda like this vixen who repeatedly ran her truck in her wolf’s car.
how about it was right outside a keys and swizz beatz crib.
well my friends at cliff view pilot had this to send me…

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