Antonio Brown Should Join A Twerk Team During The Off Season

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-7-25-05-pmnfl baller wolf for the pittsburg steelers,
antonio brown,
is full of energy.
i see why he has all those cubs.
well he should take that extra energy for a twerk team.
he scored a winning touchdown on last night’s game vs the redskins.
this is what he did to celebrate
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“You Have Nice Bunz, Mah Dude”; “Thank You! Cocoa Butter!”

1372333642436324754i don’t know about you,
but “power” is the only show i am looking forward to returning.
the story line.
the acting.
the sex.
i need a rag just thinking about it.
well the “power” cast visited power 105.1 to discuss the new season.
compliments went flying,
but in an interesting twist,
charlamange complimented omari hardwick on his hard working ass-ets.
take a look…
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Mario Lopez Grabs a “Juicy” Foxtail (or Wolf Tail?)

mario-lopez-shirtless1…and down at miami pride of all places.
why he was at miami pride,
i have no idea,
but mario lopez of extra decided to grab his friend’s foxtail for the festivities.
this is what he said after the handful of cheeks on twitter…
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“Mikey Sam Has A Big Butt”

SamKissthat was the first thought i had watching the mikey sam documentary.
the one that came on own last night.
when i finished watching both the documentary and oprah’s prime,
i was left with a few other thoughts that led me to my conclusion

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