That Time The Severance Check Caused Me To Explode

i loathe trifling’ ass muthafuckas.
i really do.

Wouldn’t it be great if jackals and hyenas didn’t exist in this world?

we need them tho.
if they didn’t exist,
to steal and scheme you out your happiness,
then we wouldn’t know how to fight and survive.
i woke up today,
because i was getting my 2 week severance check.
i needed that money.
there is a ton of clothes i need to wash and i need to re-up on food.
things would go a lot different.
from the start

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I’m Taking This Beatin’ But I Hope It Brings Pleasure One Day

life is a series of roads, mountains, peaks, and valleys.
sometimes thunderstorms, earthquakes, volcanoes, and darkness.
many of us are not equipped to handle the trials of life.
some of us see the mountain and say, “fuck that bulllllllshit“.
some think because they can’t afford it like everyone else, they can’t do it.
others will jump through the fire and dance within the flames.
those “others” are the ones that we secretly admire.
they go for theirs and don’t give a damn about anything or anyone else.
but, how do they get to that point?
they could have been stagnant,
but they kept going even when things seemed dark and doomed.
i started to wonder…

are you a fighter?

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I Will Pop Your Lip So Watch How You Address Me

Is it me,
or am the the only one who thinks 95% of gay men are rude and messy as shit?

It makes no fucking sense to me the attitudes and the whole extra bullshit.

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