And In Another “Homophobic Jackal” News

stories like the following really bug me.
you can get killed for not only the color of your skin,
but if someone suspects you are gay or not.
it’s pathetic and downright sad.
well the following “homophobic jackal story” comes straight out of my state.
new yawk.
an f-bi sent in what happened via the ny daily news
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Rihanna Does Jamari Fox For 3 Good Hours

IMG_1170that is just an idea how close i was.

last night,
the rihanna concert at barclays center in brooklawn was…
i have no words.
well i have plenty to say,
but i’m still trying to organize my notes.
it was absolutely…
like i just…
you know what?
let’s just get into it.
you have some time?
this might run a little long
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The Baller Wolf Who Stopped Me From Joining Hookup Apps

dead12n-2-webgod works in mysterious ways.
i was feeling lonely and was two seconds from making a jack’d account.
i was feeling real “being mary jane” today.
i was gonna sign up to look for my “thomas jones/cutty buddy”.
well one of the f-bi stopped me in my tracks with this story.
^that baller wolf was the reason i’m not anymore.
check this story via the ny daily news
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