I Don’t Do “Broke” (But I Did and It F*cked Me Hard)

bad-lucklast week was pretty much the week from hell.
like i said in another entry,
it was emotionally draining for me.
everything was going wrong in like waves.
my job was a mess,
which is never surprising,
and then the lynching of those black wolves really set me off.
i was thrown into a worse depression than i was.
  the devil wasn’t through with me yet tho…

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The Attentionisto Needs Deposits In His Cheeks and Account

tumblr_nub549O9vB1uww7qho1_500i was talking to a foxholer last week about an attentionisto.
one of the foxhole favorite attentionisto.
i wouldn’t mind letting him beat,
but he is indeed a little too “out there” for my tastes.
well the foxholer went down south and they were both at the same club.
he told me how allegedly
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