They Played The Giants On The New York Post Today

i saw this whole scene on snaphat when it was going on.
tremaine had them ny giant baller wolves all on ^that boat,
with a gaggle of hoes,
and some random snow wolves cooking food and getting groceries on jet skis.
str8 flexin.
i’m sure it was orgy central too.
well who knew it would be the cover of the new york post today?
after such a bad loss and playoff dreams crushed?

So Lemme Tell You About This Bitch I Had To Drop Kick Today…

Porsha-Stewart-and-Cynthia-Baileyi’m sure thats how she started that story off.
they are determined to make me lift my reality tv ban.

well a vix-bi filled me in on how #rhoa is the new #lhhatl.
you know #lhhatl is family friendly now.
well the latest in this match up are cynthia bailey and porsha williams.
the bore vs the big mouth.
tmz got the latest on this cat fight…
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