You Not Gonna Stalk Tyler Perry and Get Away With It!

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.08.22 PMthis wolf is about to be a father!

so tyler perry is in the news once again.

no his baby has not been born yet.
he was actually being stalked
by an ex-employee
who broke into his studio…

and had a dildo in his mouth while chanting…
okay the last part i made up,
but the other stuff is true.
the ajc has the story…
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Gotcha Muh-fucka!

aaa(3)so this is going to be a 2 parter.
i’m going to bed after.
i feel awful.
anyway so we have a problem in new yawk.
 jackals out here swiping your credit/debit card info,
going to expensive stores,
and buying shit on your identity.
well the city is starting to crack down on the antics heavy.
an f-bi sent me a dossier about this bodega wolf,
but i could not stop laughing at this video he posted…
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Porn Stars, Poppers, and The Package (Oh My!)

ibgoma5w6awc8geveryone meet mike dozer.
he is what you would call,
“a dumb ass”.
mike dozer is a porn star who doesn’t like to use condoms.
^example a.
well mike was also allegedly giving out free “packages”.
he didn’t disclosing his health status to the 14 year old he allegedly smashed.
yeah that would be in example b
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Sooo THAT Was Apollo Nida’s “Job” Then

tumblr_lw1xi9iM0S1qdhzz1o1_500my f-bi blew UP my emails today.
well apollo nida,
male gold digga hubby to phaedra parks from rhoa,
was arrested on alleged bank fraud and identity theft!
the story broke on sandra rose and spread like wildfire…

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Lil Za Says This Ain’t Nothing But A “Black” Thing

Lil-Za-speaks-out-on-arrest-during-Justin-Bieber-raidso lil za has been released and he is doing some talking.
well tweeting.
he is kinda cute.
*looks harder*
too bad he got that “riff raff” problem.
anyway so this is what he tweeted about that whole situation since being released…
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Lil Za Goes Down On Justin Bieber

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 9.27.04 PMso i took some time to stop thinking about my problems to think about someone elses.
everyone meet lil za.
random #1271972913701 in justin bieber’s crew.
i still don’t know what his purpose is.
oh wait i know.
he took the fall for all those drugs taken at justin bieber’s crib in that raid today...
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Chrissy Lampkin Does Viva Mugshot Glam

Christine_Lampkin_mug_shotchrissy lampkin,
star of chrissy and mr. jones,
is now the spokesperson for “too old for this shit” cosmetics.
she got into a beef this past weekend that left some chick in the hospital.
the cliff view pilot graced me with this craziness…
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