The Ex Baller Wolf Who Likes It Fast and Rowdy

magic9one thing i never want,
and this may sound shallow,
but i never want to fall off.
this is why i keep my entire situation moisturized.
never say never tho.
 i’m sure at some point of retired nba baller wolf,
steve francis,
he probably said the same thing.
steve has been in an alleged battle with drugs over the years.
he has gone through many transformations as well.
well steve was arrested in houston over the weekend.
check out why via tmz
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Chris Brown Be Waving His Gun In The Air (Like He Don’t Care?)

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 7.48.38 PMi knew chris brown would find himself on the news soon.
it was too quiet without some chris brown fuckery.
so chris brown was in a police stand off today.
it has come to this.
he waved a gun at some snow bunny in his crib.
this is what went down via la times
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The Bishop Allegedly Likes “Touch Me; Tease Me” For Praise and Worship

adkinsmolester-660x330if i didn’t believe in karma before…
s0 ^that tweet came from bishop ken adkins.
he had a lot to say about the pulse orlando shootings.
he felt like all the gays deserved to die in that tragic incident.
well in a karmic twist,
brutha jackal adkins got himself arrested.
you won’t believe for…
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Sexting Can Get You F*cked Nice ‘n’ Hard (Literally)

we have all done it.
it’s usually seen as foreplay before “12 play”.
sometimes you can sext all day and get “no play”.
i have sexted quite a few wolves and it went no where.
well who knew you could go to jail for it?
i certainly didn’t.
this black mini baller wolf now has a record because of it.
everyone meet levar allen.
he was sexting a snow bunny and well…
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