Chris Brown Be Waving His Gun In The Air (Like He Don’t Care?)

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 7.48.38 PMi knew chris brown would find himself on the news soon.
it was too quiet without some chris brown fuckery.
so chris brown was in a police stand off today.
it has come to this.
he waved a gun at some snow bunny in his crib.
this is what went down via la times
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The Bishop Allegedly Likes “Touch Me; Tease Me” For Praise and Worship

adkinsmolester-660x330if i didn’t believe in karma before…
s0 ^that tweet came from bishop ken adkins.
he had a lot to say about the pulse orlando shootings.
he felt like all the gays deserved to die in that tragic incident.
well in a karmic twist,
brutha jackal adkins got himself arrested.
you won’t believe for…
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Sexting Can Get You F*cked Nice ‘n’ Hard (Literally)

we have all done it.
it’s usually seen as foreplay before “12 play”.
sometimes you can sext all day and get “no play”.
i have sexted quite a few wolves and it went no where.
well who knew you could go to jail for it?
i certainly didn’t.
this black mini baller wolf now has a record because of it.
everyone meet levar allen.
he was sexting a snow bunny and well…
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