The Apple Didn’t Fall Too Far From The Week

was this week a weird one for anyone else?
i don’t know about anyone else,
but i felt completely off in my forest.
now i could blame it on “giving things power”,
or the venus retrograde in current effect,
or my tail hangs to far to the left than right,
but something was up and i didn’t know what.
when i opened my macbook,
my “i” button was trying to hit on my nerve.
it would not stop typing “i” on the screen.
it was like the ghost of present “fuck you” was holding down the button.
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I Smell Shit (Its All Over Me)

i looked at the weather and it didn’t say there was going to be a shit storm.
must have snuck past.
i might not have patience.
that could be it.
it would explain a lot.
i usually want things to happen this instant.
that little spoiled brat that hasn’t grown up.
either way,
the last two days in my life were hell.
it would explain the late postings…
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Apple! Don’t You Dare Go In My Download Folder!

tumblr_n7dop8DTtj1sgytx4o1_500everyone watches porn.
people act like they don’t.
go on their browser history and you’ll get the real story.
well i watch porn.
i like porn.
i like amatuer black porn.
i like porn where the wolf has a nice body and bomb stroke.
i like straight porn.
i like gay porn.
right now i’m not having sex,
so i’m living vicariously through other people’s walls.
well i think my porn habit nearly caught me up…
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These People Out Here Ain’t Loyal or Nah?

Rottenecards_68723772_xsqs2m7zp2ive been noticing these people ain’t loyal these days.
people are so quick to jump ship at the slightest things.
where is the fight?
the “stand by their side“?
“…because it feels real good when somebodys got ya back” – aaliyah.
is everyone pretty much replaceable nowadays?
this situation with apple this week was an eye opener…
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