Nicki Minaj Gonna Have These Wolves Bustin A Couple Tonight

tumblr_namqu2EpdI1qjqxmoo1_500all of the mailroom wolves were talking about it.
some of the wolves that work in other departments were talking about.
nicki minaj debuted her “anaconda” video and with 9 million views already.
i guess you can say this is some hump day vixen candy
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Nicki Minaj Pulls Out The Big Gunz For “Anaconda”

tumblr_n9tcu5RTYG1r2fkj9o1_500…or big bunz?
is her ass really moving like that?
it doesn’t move in other videos.
when the going gets tough,
the tough get to booty bouncin’.
so nicki minaj has that wack song,
to promote.
what better way than a music video filled with distractions?!
nothing says “ignore my terrible song” by hypnotizing us with booty booty butt cheeks.
here is a sneak peek from wshh
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You Can Put That “Anaconda” Right Back In Your Pants

Nicki-Minaj-rocket-launch-memeso we all were looking forward to hearing the new nicki minaj track,
after the epic memes that the ( x single cover ) brought forth,
i just knew i was gonna be in for a treat as far as the song is concerned.
hellllll its gonna be featured off the jay z inspired album,
“the pink print”.
i did like “pills n potions”,
so i knew she was gonna get turnt up for this new single.
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Nicki Minaj Is Mad You Don’t Like Her Nekkid Buttcheeks

nickiminajassnicki minaj is having a bad week.
well i think she is.
everyone seems to be coming at her in every direction.
well she released the single cover for “anaconda” and people were not happy.
check why…
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