Kim Kardashian Starts Her Comeback… With An Alleged Affair?

we legit haven’t seen kim kardashian since that robbery in paris.
i’m starting to think it was real.
you know she couldn’t go into hiding for too long before all that happened.
there has been way too many opportunities for her to show face.


well it seems she is allegedly occupied.
not with her husband tho.
word in the forest is she is having an affair.
with a baller wolf.
well according to terez owens
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Ain’t No Fun If Demarco Murray Can’t Get None

Heidi-Mueller-DeMarco-Murray-girlfriendawww well isn’t that just cute!
that’s super thick baller wolf demarco murray from the cowboys,
his girlfriend heidi mueller,
and his beautiful cub in a beautiful family portrait.
makes me tear up in the left eye.
well this is other baller wolf,
brennan clay,
and a few tweets about his own family portrait…

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