Stripper Jonathan “Heat” Martinez Lil’ Brotha Gets Some Smash Leakage?

/the following entry is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

remember we talked about jonathan “heat” martinez alleged half brother,
( x check his alleged leakage here )
you know i’m not big on jack off videos.
well a vix-bi came through with the alleged sex tape leakage of vinny.
this is him getting some alleged throat by a vixen and a quick stroke resume for foxhole review…

now this is what i like to see in my foxhole!!!!
he has a big pipe,
he knows how to use it,
and is a little cocky in the bed…

that half brother dominican dick looks like a solid smash.
i’ll give him a b-.
i took a grade off for the graininess and the short length of the smash session.

lowkey: shout out to the vix-bi who came through with the alleged videos!
the foxhole is making more reach with submissions.
thanks to all those who make the foxhole a team effort!

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