1. Off topic but is it just me that gets irked when I see only one earring on an ear?
    I don’t know if it’s because I got both of my ears pierced but when I see dudes with just an earring on their left ear and the right isn’t pierced I always find it funny. I feel like the other ear is lonely and needs to be matching.

    You don’t thread one eyebrow and ignore the other.
    You don’t wear one sock and walk barefoot on the other.
    You don’t wear one glove on one hand and not wear one of the other hand. LOL ok rant over

    • Thread one eyebrow? Do the guys in the foxhole even know about threading eyebrows?LOL I bet your eyebrows are “on fleek”.😀

    • You don’t remember the saying, “left is right and right is wrong”?
      I’ve found that to be a stupid phrase because it meant that if you’re not gay, you wear the earring in the left ear.

      • This here. It was said you only get your left ear pierced or it’s considered gay. People don’t care much anymore, if you ask me Tupac influenced the change.

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